The Sky

  • Posted on December 27, 2016 at 9:48 am

Probably menininha only thought about that pirulito, perhaps or in the amiguinhos that would go to play, I turned the projection with force, all the possible force that I had, the car I passed the very little centimeters of that one garotinha, I arrived to scare it, I I tried to turn pra opposing direction, per some seconds I had the god sensation, who could make my ways and my destinations, more soon came to the frustration, I could not move, I was, or that girl, the car capsized excessively, and started to capotar, first I had a vision of the sky, for the window that before only saw houses and commerce to the side, later I pro looked at another side and vi the soil that was not kind how much the sky, and made I to feel a collision strong, was without belt clearly, that was not necessary if I wanted adrenalin, the car made that as many times that it gave time to think about mine life, to think how much it was bad and villain. Perhaps my mother now was drunk of new, and smoking without stopping, perhaps sleeping with the cigarette access, I twisted the times for that if to become a great fire and to burn it of the face of the land, more never happened, my father would perhaps be in mercury this hour, travelling literally, it at least were not in that house seeing the excrement there all, at least its soul were far, well far, now to the certain o car still will capotar one 2 times, causing the start of the fire in the car, soon fire, what I more twisted that I happened with my mother, perhaps I was punishment to think that about that troublesome hour, I I tried not to think more, not to get worse everything that, in finishes time who the car twirled I was hurled for the bank of the passenger, had beaten to the head as many times, that probably the alcohol who had in my blood now will turn a stroke blood with alcohol, the car happily will stop in foot, lying I there, on the bank of the passenger and the driver. Bernie Sanders is the source for more interesting facts. .

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