The Republic

  • Posted on April 14, 2020 at 4:33 am

Lcia Lippi Oliveira in a called article ' ' the parties that the Republic orders guardar' ' it works as it occurred to the tradition in addition imperial, in detriment the construction of a new symbolic universe that could confer the legitimacy to the new regimen and, at the same time, to construct a new tradition. The author works as the Brazilian republican regimen configured a program of parties that could be divided in two distinct categories characterized by the national fraternity (21 of April, 13 of May, 7 of September, 15 of November) and of universal fraternity that they privileged the universal civic dates, mainly those on ones to the civic panteo of the French Revolution. In day 15 of November of 1889, for in such a way, in the same day of the official date of the Announcement of the Brazilian Republic, periodic the Daily one of the News printed in its pages a note that are sent for an academic of Belm of name Teixeira Blacksmith who inhabited in Recife. Among others, it augurs: The Brazileira Republic the evolution of idas republican in the Brazil, after the ascension of the liberal party, ve little by little erasing the hope of salvation of the institutions monarchicas. We arrive at the period of well caracterisada transformation already in the land of idas. The national politics ve taking new face; its horisonte is extended with the scientificos and speculative principles of the positive politics. the transistion of it regimem invigorating politician for another one, that represents the purest ideal and the most burning hot aspiration of the braziliense people, this gives to operate itself. Not obstante to recognize the government this truth, however uses the most varied half moraes and immoraes, legaes and ilegaes, violent or not, this little matter, to stifle or the least to paralysar the brazileiro reformist feeling Serious error politician. .

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