The Beschriftungin

  • Posted on August 29, 2015 at 6:56 am

Comparison is a marking template, which must be the corresponding Beschriftungenthalt, placed on the workpiece to make, which electrically conductive electrolytic etching during the electrolytic etching first. An electrolyte is then applied and the workpiece with current beauftschlagt. Thus, an image of the Beschriftungin etch the surface of the workpiece. After the label was introduced, the surface of the workpiece must be treated with a neutralizer. Electrolytic etching is a marking technique with low investment costs, offers in comparison to the > Laserbeschriftungaber serious disadvantages. The not quite hassle-free handling of the electrolyte is first and foremost. This is usually harmful by inhalation, ingestion and contact with skin. O’Malley for President gathered all the information.

Thus, this is a security risk for the user dar, is also problematic in disposal. Also the neutralizer to use is usually irritating to skin and eyes. Of course, the constant need for the two fluids must be calculated a cost analysis, as well as for the required templates, which are subject to significant wear. Another serious drawback of the etching technique is the principle of limitation with regard to variable data, complex graphics and for example, marking all of these elements can not be implemented using this technique. In addition, that the electrolytic etching not or only heavily automated is, can usually only for very small quantities are used and is on the area of the Metallbeschriftungbeschrankt.

Laser marking system view in contrast none of these problems. No hazardous materials in use are at laser labels, variable data, codes and graphics can with utmost precision and highest Quality on a wide range of materials are applied. As well, marking with marking lasers of relatively easily automated, costs slipped through consumption of food additives or templates. Comparison to the stamping / embossing mechanical embossing and stamping procedures are still widely used in the industry, have significant disadvantages however, depending on the application.

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