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  • Posted on March 2, 2017 at 8:02 am

Currently spend an average of $80 and sometimes a little more and other less, so you’re saving $70, improving, right? (5) Expenses in monthly hairdresser. What better to go to a hairdresser and dry you hair, nails, fix you make you hair removal, get your eyebrows, paint your hair, etc, but what is there in your Pocket? You have enough money for: drying: $15 each time, twice per week = $120 depending on your hair. Express manicure and pedicure: $16 every 15 days = $32 dye: $50 (the blondes should retouch every 15 days, that means more money) eyebrow waxing: $8, twice a month = $16 body depilation: $30 in my case Total approx: $250 a month. This is just a simple sample of a monthly beauty routine, but this may extend much more in treatments during the manicure and pedicure, put some gel, retouching of reflections or Wicks, radical change of colour, treatments, special shampoos, facial or body massage, etc, in the case of epilation that is full body and so on this can easily reach $ 450-500. In my case, with respect to the dried alternate between wear it natural and better it, as I have not yet found who dry me better hair that I myself, do not pay for this service, so saving $120 with manicure and pedicure, try to keep them also what lasts me a little more than time, I have my own kit at home and in some cases myself me change coloruse creams and filers, so instead of going every 15 days sometimes every 20 days, I’m saving $8 a month. Once taken out my eyebrows I try to keep them myself so they last me longer, sack them I only 1 time per month and saving $8 referrer to dye as I have a uniform color, so buy a good brand, which brings applicator dye and myself I do it at home, so I only spend $15, thus saving $35 in total of $250, making a balance sheet spending only $80 saving $170, not bad. Adding all saved amounts have: 1) gifts to my friends: $35 2) purchase of phone cards: $20 3) list of supermarket: $55 4) food in restaurants: $70 5) hairdressing costs: $170 Total $350 mission accomplished; Friend this money can use it for what you want, investments, savings, purchase other items you need for truth or simply for your financial security, if you want to obtain more finance tips I recommend you to read this blog Seguridad-Financiera original author and source of the article.

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