• Posted on December 11, 2016 at 2:35 pm

"The Eternity Man thirsts for" The significant statement drawn from the work of Miguel de Unamuno, serves as an incentive to stimulate thinking about the inescapable fact of human temporality. Time is obligatory topic in the thoughts of man, and the philosophical task we inherited from antiquity has an immense wealth of reflections on this issue. Therefore the following lines are not intended to provide intellectual developments over time. Its purpose is to review the phenomenon from the perspective of the biblical message, trying to emphasize in doing so, some useful knowledge for the mind and life of believers. Without going into a definition of the term, Genesis gives us the beginning of everything, the "ab ovo" of human beings and all that concerns him. Learn more at this site: Bernie Sanders.

And as part of this whole is undeniable time. This is a fundamental part of the semantic content of the first book of the Bible. Regardless of the version you read, words such as "In the beginning, Day, Night, late morning "(Genesis, chapters 1 and 2) are lexical forms that are interpreted based on the timing. Similarly one can think of astronomical bodies called the "Two great lights." A simple observation of other expressions can highlight the importance of temporality in biblical theology, "And God blessed the seventh day the work he did, and rested the seventh day." It is urgent and crucial to recognize the need for the exercise of faith in wanting to remove the short speech of Genesis all the answers that the mind requires the concerns on the issue of time.

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