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Give Everything

  • Posted on December 11, 2016 at 8:18 am

We look at the sky and see it whole, if we look at nature and observe each of the components are a whole, the shows are not fragmented nature, the sun, moon, mountain, sea, trees, plants, flowers , human bodies, animals. Everything we look in nature turns out to be a rather complete. Since we started to receive, this sensitivity, it is entirely non-party, binary conscience lets us see and perceive but not separate. When we grow we begin to see that certain things are apart, we see the tree, give us a result of it and witness as separate, give us the pet and see the separation from his mother and family, without preamble, without question, we give away a toy and take it out of the store where toys live. We grow and begin to insert ourselves into the strange universe of “separate.” In all that we teach, is unitary.

Teach us that God is “only” unique, but for everyone. Each of the questions we cross the path of growth and brings us closer to our domains what is “mine” and domesticate us in the world, “the parties.” Have a systemic view of events and events is a task that is not supported by domestication that we have not sustained. Yours and mine, must be “our”, but after the detachment process, a process that leads to the “experience of emptying” experience sometimes leads us has to find that mine is part of what yours and yours also part of mine. We tend to feel or associate these processes only the materials themselves, the process of “my mood”, the “my sexy” is another, we move to release but now the ego is our turn and we move our inner world, here’s a new challenge .

Big Sur

  • Posted on November 7, 2015 at 8:18 am

Sumesele the foregoing the invasion of stationery and noises that bring a choice in the city where half the population tries to run for something. And an ability to concentrate not to exceed 15 minutes of clock. For all that and a few things later months to read “Big Sur”, did not want to miss a word but in the end …. Well, wait a minute, I have to start from scratch. As a teenager fell into my hands, “On the Road”, a novel that was already making sales records back in the ’60s, when he was in my hands were all about something else, “Love and Peace” was a thing of the past

The ’80s were characterized by a lack of social commitment that continues to date, the ’70s were rather existentialist, but this is not a universal history of literary trends therefore have to focus on Jack Kerouac. As I said to read “On the Road” is considered the Bible was for beatniks, hyppis, pacifists remaining counted on the fingers, as most had left his headband of daisies for a haircut and make a good successful business. Nobody notice that this first novel Keroauc meant more than what I was reading, or whether I just turned a good story of a journey that makes a type to be discovered, with the special touch Eastern mystical subjects, to talk about marijuana and free love which was not unrelated to my knowledge he was a regular reader of Henry Miller who admired more than the Milanese with fries.