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Public Health

  • Posted on January 9, 2023 at 8:16 am

The most reasonable principle for the existence of the rule is, or at least should be representing the interests of his, but reality shows us a state, throughout our history, representing the fundamental interests of the dominant classes , where most of this history, the rights granted to citizens are governed by their possessions, with a state agency to protect those who have against those who have nothing, or in the words of Rousseau: “controlled by the bad governments, the State’s legal system is merely to keep the poor in their misery and rich in its theft. In fact the laws are always useful to have a lot of damage and they have nothing. ” You can clearly see this outrageously brutal face of the government in negotiations with the administration of health plans, with the goal of health links as a single product for the market. This world of monopolies, in which profit takes precedence over life is not possible world in which civil society objectively. Former Maryland Governor helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Health should be recognized as universal and fundamental right and public policies should be developed to promote access, quality and democracy.

To say that is a human right, discuss public policy in this area should not be considered as a result of a government, but as a state obligation and a right of human beings. The realization that health is a service that can be provided by the market is considered the greatest danger of the ongoing reforms of health systems. The scenario described above to the turning points shy progress in talks seeking a balance between trade and health, among the countries of the WTO, which culminated in the Doha Declaration in 2001, public health and access to drugs, the establishment of public health takes precedence over commercial interests.