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On The Aquarium And Its Inhabitants

  • Posted on March 25, 2014 at 8:36 am

housing of fish in artificial environments has been practiced since ancient times. In China, for example, were engaged in breeding of carp – the ancestor of modern goldfish – 2000 years ago. Evidence about the content of the sacred fish in artificial pools are found in ancient Egyptian works of art. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Mclaughlin. Many other cultures also have in its history, examples of the content of fish – both functional and decorative purposes. The concept of an aquarium designed to monitor the fish and is a closed, independent of external conditions for the system, formed in more recent times. Difficult to establish the exact date, but some can talk about the year 1665 from records in the diary of Samuel Pepusa, noting that he had seen in London, contained in a glass container of foreign fish. Fishes observed Pepusom likely were paradise fish, relatives of Chinese garden fish. In London they came through the work of the West India Company, leading into the time trade in the eastern countries.

Also know that the biologist Abraham Trembley kept at his home in a glass jar hydra, which caught out river channel to explore. Public the contents of the aquarium hobby has become after London’s big show in 1851, which was represented by a simple but effective production design of the aquarium – Sheets windows, reposition the frame from metal parts. This design borrowed from British growers, who invented it around 1830 for the protection of exotic tropical plants from adverse conditions of prolonged maritime transport.

Amazon River

  • Posted on June 23, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Aquarium fish without reason called decorative, or employees for decoration. In any dwelling colorful, intricately painted with fish, with bright patches of light flickering in a beautiful aquarium, fascinated eyes, casting an atmosphere of calm pleasant thoughts. Pharmacies in New York as a medicine for hypertension even sold videotapes of subjects' from the life of the fish. " But of course, no one video clip will not bring such joy as fellowship with the living beauties. Most often, Our homes are tropical fish, because the regime of tropical warm-water reservoir in the room to create lighter than cold-mode, suitable for domestic, 'hardened' fish. Very beautiful all the varieties of gold fish. This is indicated by their very names: comet vualehvost, red hat, water eyes, telescope, lvinogolovka.

Among them there are even a fish called 'miracle Yudo'. Common to most hobbyists 'smart' fish – the family cichlids, angelfish especially living in the wild in the Amazon River cove. They are not only beautiful but intelligent and peaceful manners differ. But the next fish in this family, although it is called 'hromis handsome' is all a storm Peaceful fish. Hromis – a predator, and it requires a separate 'place'.

Often contain home schooling fish family haritsinidy, well living in the general aquarium. The most famous of them – red, blue and black neon, which distinguish longitudinal 'glowing' band. Very popular viviparous fish family petsilidy inhabiting ponds in the Americas. And peace guppies, who samochki faintly stained, but larger than males, sparkling various 'outfits', platypus and graceful, and bright mollinezii the famous 'Black Molly' – all of this family. Of the labyrinth fish – a peaceful, even shy gourami, rather aggressive and fighting cocks makropody. These 'Fighters' in any case not keep with fish vualevyh forms – from the 'veil' there will be no horns or legs. Very interesting fish from the family kalihtiidy leading predominantly bottom-living. Their body is often covered with bone plates or spines. Of them and antsistrus, remarkable not only for its original appearance, but also a tendency to 'clean' aquarium and aquatic plants. In this fish-tidy does not damage a single leaf in a submarine gardens. Why aquariums is a popular occupation? Why do the contemplation of the fish, it is easy rolling in submarine gardens, has a sedative effect. Perhaps because that three-quarters of the globe covered by water and is owned by the fish. A importantly, because we come from there, too, because the oceans – our homeland.