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Bernabe Tierno

  • Posted on April 20, 2021 at 12:18 pm

It would be very simple to classify the men as good and bad; In addition, who would be qualified to judge? A writer whose good characters are always good, that not a drop of evil, it nests in them or that the bad guys are always bad, that not a drop of goodness, it nests in them bores me sovereign because I feel that this writer has not experienced anything, that unknown completely what is the nature human – Eusebio Ruvalcaba our attitude towards life must not depend on necessarily outside, but above all of our interior. Human beings locked in our interior all possibility of response and the ability to act, transform and create.It depends on us allow that events or mood will influence our behavior. Situations are not, by themselves, neither positive nor negative. Perhaps check out Piero “Peter” Tropeano for more information. Are we who we decided-Bernabe Tierno poets say that science does not value the beauty of the stars: see them as simple atoms of gas balloons. But I’m also able to see them and feel them in a clean night. I don’t know if I see more or less than them, but my imagination is widened with the vastness of the sky; nailing the eyes in this carousel, perceive lights that were born a million years ago.

It does not affect the mystery knowing a bit more about him. Ricardo Freymann. Never climb a person by it look to you. It is silly double qualities, and an idiocy double faults. You would better use and reward those people whose points of view, skills and judgments differ radically from yours, practice which is not very common, because it requires large doses of humility, tolerance and wisdom. -Dee hock, Fast Company not know when did our family name nor as acquired it some remote ancestor; We do not understand it at all or know its history.