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Food Addict

  • Posted on May 9, 2015 at 11:05 pm

They have difficulty to eat with other people and seem to be obsessed with the weight. They can become jumbled in ritual behaviors related to the food and to suffer of depression. The good news is that the addiction to foods can be treated successfully. This treatment can come in a variety from forms. An addict one to the food can work with a psychotherapist to develop new forms to fight with foods and their emotions. The therapist can be able to identify the source of fear of the person or wrath, that means the reason behind the addiction of the person. In the majority of the cases, the psychologist will help the individual to as much develop a plan of treatment that needs the expectations and objectives, short as in the long term.

In the most serious cases, a person can have to be put under a hospitable treatment in a psychological center. The treatment often consists of helping the individual to return to the methods of healthful feeding, to approach the underlying causes of the emotional addiction, and to learn effective techniques of facing. The addict ones to the food often follow the principles of the program of 12 steps used by alcoholic ones. This implies to admit its impotence on the food, its belief that it could be recovered to the sanity, and a recognition of its lack and weaknesses. In addition, the addict ones to foods often remove forces from the support battalions formed by people who have similar difficulties related to foods. Just by knowledge that are other people who face the same challenges, can incredibly be therapeutic. The addiction to foods is not clear in this point can be a genetic basic disease. Nevertheless, certainly there is evidence of feeding patrons who transmit themselves from a generation to another one.

In fact, many addict ones to the food only look for aid after to have determined that its disease could negatively affect its children. It is very possible that an addiction to the food cannot be cured, but only can be tried. In other words, the period of recovery of the addiction can last all the life. Nevertheless, never it must lose the hope to win to an addiction to the food. With patience and with time, the addict individuals can learn the behavior abilities that allow to maintain their weight them under control. By all means, there will be moments in which attemped individuals will be a to eat candies or carbohydrates of excessive form. Nevertheless, knowing the pain that will suffer if they continue his detrimental habits of feeding, it could be the incentive that needs to maintain the course. My last recommendation is that you see east video free that will show to you how you can lower of weight while you eat. Without extreme diets, neither exhausting pills, nor exercises. Beam click here so that you see the video of this novel program that you can implement immediately.