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  • Posted on March 31, 2015 at 6:58 pm debuts new image industry 0.11 iCommers iCommers Every SL also changed you the image to another of their industrial webs: another of their most important websites in the sector of shelves in kit. After many updates, numerous improvements in operation and the display of products, we have incorporated him to put at the disposal of our clients, 2011 version. Among the improvements that you can find in our new version, are the following: improvement of the display of products. More offers, featured, special offers. Orders and quotes online management system. Gain insight and clarity with novelist. Easier news section. Improved variation system services section (allows to select the different variants of the same product), more visible improvement of sections of surplus stock and used products.

Enhanced alerts section, allows you to receive periodic reports of offers and products Outlet and many other improvements. has become a web great reference in the sector of shelves in kit, thanks to its wide variety of products, easy handling, quick response, and yet our objective continue improving and offering our clients quality products every day. Used products: With this section we try to provide our clients with versions of the same products we sell new in used, in good condition, with the maximum amount of technical data, which undoubtedly helped him to make a decision in story to the purchase. There is also the possibility to buy or sell used items of our customers. If some our client has containers that don’t need, offers the possibility of selling them within our product range. Surplus Stock: in this section you will find discontinued products or simply excesses of manufacturing that our suppliers have in their stores or factories. We put them on sale on our website to ensure that our customers have of new products at exceptional prices.