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Small Dogs

  • Posted on July 4, 2017 at 8:34 am

What can we rasskazatpro such an interesting breed of dog as the chihuahua In fact, along with other types of kennels chihuahua is not only interesting, but the whole hype. For the first time the breed of these dogs had appeared in Europe with European travelers who were very fond of while visiting the southern part of North America, and there is these dogs are bought from the Mexicans, and the breed is named after the state 'Chihuahua'. Today, these dogs cause very great interest, and often occur as 'decorative', and this breed is extremely popular among women. A distinctive and extremely positive feature of the Chihuahua is the fact that this dog is very gentle and patient character. There are 2 types of dogs: long-haired and smooth haired. -Longhair. In these dogs is extremely smooth, fine and silky coat.

It is not recommended to allow fur to grow too long, because dogs can appear 'clumps', particularly in the ears and neck. -Smooth. They are close to the body hair. It is smooth, shining. Chihuahua as a breed of dog just amazing varieties of colors, with respect to eye color, almost all it is dark. The mass of these dogs should be 1,5-3kg and is not recommended that the weight of these dogs was more than three kilograms. In general, the Chihuahua can be described as an extremely fast, graceful, lovely and friendly dog Chihuahuas also have a delightful response.

They have a tail usually kept straight, the chihuahua is always very straight ears. They have received very strong interest in myself as a rock. Quite interesting is the fact they are very common in people from 15 to 35 years of age. The only disadvantage of this breed is that they cost a lot, as representatives of this breed is too rarely found in nurseries as a breed of dog is very interesting breed, and most are almost never willing to part with them. Can understand them, these dogs – it's soothing 'breed. They raise the spirits, even to relieve stress. They're all remain faithful and loyal to you.