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Teacher Of Russian Language And Literature

  • Posted on May 14, 2017 at 6:48 am

coming soon to school! In those days when you, dear colleagues, you are reading this article, summer vacations come to an end and you begin to ponder the first lessons of the new academic year. After a healing respite during the holidays, plucked fresh forces, want to immediately grab the bull by the horns. Of course, in the first place to pursue this aim, the teacher – teacher of literature. After all, they are facing an important task – to reveal students to color and multicolored world. Show that the literature does not only conveys to the reader a complete picture of the world, but also leads him to this world: it helps to understand the complex range of feelings and thoughts, preparing for independent living, in which he would find his place.

Teacher – the teacher of literature can and should help students develop the skills of a serious, thoughtful reading in the formation of literary taste. Teachers of literature form a world of his students, but not only They raise them taste interest in the dispute, to music and theater. What are the qualities an ideal teacher? Intelligence, wit, ingenuity, acting makings ability to understand young people and find a way out of the most difficult situations. But this is not an exhaustive list ideal qualities, which should seek any teacher, including teacher – teacher of literature. Activities of teachers – slovesnikov inextricably linked with language. Centuries have gone on trying to understand how to construct the Slavic writing, what principles lie at its foundation. Teacher of literature must convey to students that language, having acquired a written language, acquired the ability to overcome space and time, he had a reliable history, traditions, and that it is language binds together the people of vast territories. That mean for teachers – teacher of literature, philology 9 months of the year? 9 month school year – it's 9 months on stage, under the meticulous views, 9 months of submission their desires and interests of the program, the mood of the class and even the weather outside.

This centners in a bag of notebooks and miles, vyshagannye between the desks. This is an ongoing burden of responsibility, because the first thought of School comes with an alarm clock, the last manuscript closes at midnight. And in the dream instead of the prince on horseback seventh graders Borisov on the ears. But a teacher's ability to survive is amazing. In late June, the school crawls pale squeezed lemon, and in September at the threshold appears peach. But this is only if the summer was spent wisely, by appointment. So, dear colleagues, once again, armed with patience and good humor and – forward – towards a new school year!

National Institute

  • Posted on February 26, 2017 at 1:56 pm

On the other hand those exist that believe that the citizens with deafness must learn the language of signals and the official language of its country only in the modality written and not in the verbal one. The Brazilian educational context the same adopts passage in relation to the mentioned communicative boardings. The education of the deaf people, in Brazil, had beginning during as the empire, with the arrival of the French educator Hernest Huet. In 1857, the National Deaf person-Dumb Institute was established, current National Institute of Education of the Deaf people (INES), that initially it used the language of signals, but that in 1911 it started to adopt pure oralismo. From this date, some Justinian codes for the attendance of said people had been created in Brazil ' ' deficientes' ' , reproducing the European models of the systems of boarding schools. Of 1905 the 1950, many of the institutions that had been created for the attendance of the deficient people were particular. In 1957, the education of ' ' deficientes' ' in a general way it was assumed in national level, for the federal government. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Novelist on most websites.

In the year of 1961, when it invigorated the first Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education had been written two articles (88 and 89) referring to the education of ' ' excepcionais' ' , as they were called, guaranteeing, in such a way, the right to the education of the deficient people. Another important point of this Law is that, in article 89, the government if compromises in helping the not-governmental organizations to give educational services to these people. Already the Law of education 5692/71 for the education of 1 and 2 degrees make reference to reference the Special Education in only one article (article 9), leaving clearly that the State Advice of deficient education would guarantee to the special treatment in the schools.

We Should Not Stay Away !

  • Posted on February 19, 2017 at 3:14 pm

BELKIN NS "Nature and Youth", Russia Today, oil and gas development in our region is rapid. Despite the significant contribution of the projects in this sector to the economy of the area, they may be serious environmental risks. Additional information is available at Bernie Sanders. Growing volumes of oil transportation routes north, especially its handling of the Kola Bay, multiply the load on the environment. Do not forget that the way transport of hydrocarbons in the White Sea pass through the waters of the Kandalaksha Preserve. Accidental spills will be disastrous, especially for rare species of animals and birds. Adoption decisions on the execution of any projects of an ecological threat should not be taken just as they say, 'high level'. Public participation would avoid possible conflicts between authorities, business and population, and most importantly – to prevent the implementation of environmentally dangerous projects.

Although a citizen's right to participate in making environmentally significant decisions enshrined by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, it does not increases the activity of the population .. One of the main reasons for this relationship is the lack of adequate information, "" Official announcements are usually overly complicated or, or so vague that isolate from there a grain of truth is impossible. The media are not always willing to give this issue much attention. Often the environmental issue has made headlines time and in prime – time on TV only in th if it is served with a taste chernukha. Shtudirovanie the same multi-volume work on environmental impact assessment (EIA) is often only by specialists.

Launguage Evaluation

  • Posted on January 10, 2017 at 6:56 pm

Introduction. In our educational system have a large variety of educational establishments designed to develop, enhance and encourage language skills and learning of our children. Within these educational establishments kindergartens found that, regardless of the curriculum they use, is ultimately aimed at the integral development of children. Malkia Cyril is likely to increase your knowledge. However, children attending these institutions may have problems in their development, both physical and cognitive, that limit their possibilities of integration into the regular school system and have not been researched in time and therefore have not been referred to specialists and institutions concerned. Ultra Wellness Center will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This can be increased if the children belonging to social risk conditions such as extreme poverty, abandonment, family dysfunction, etc.. At the cognitive level, it is common to find children with problems in language skills that have been detected at a late stage and which were added a learning disability. Many these children constitute the population of some special language schools.

Framework. Language and Learning Problems. Language Disorder or Specific Language Impairment (SLI) is characterized by deficiencies, deviations or delays in the components of language such as phonetics, phonology, morphosyntax, semantics and pragmatics. These components interact to influence each other. Thus, for example, that involve phonological syntactic errors, decreased level of vocabulary and pragmatic problems (intelligibility). It is important to note that about 40% of children with language disorders continue to have problems beyond 5 years (Bishop and Edmunson, 1987). In addition, between 40 and 100% of these children show language problems in adolescence and between 50 and 75% experience academic failure (Aram & Hall, 1989). Are you interested in this item? Download here: Visit:

International Student Identity

  • Posted on September 9, 2016 at 12:41 am

International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC) produces several types of universally recognized international instruments. There are three types of documents: International student card (ISIC) Teaching ID (ITIC) Youth travel card, or so-called map Traveler (IYTC) International student card (ISIC) was established in 1968 with the assistance of UNESCO. Since then, millions of students and took advantage of the benefits that accrue to the owner of the ISIC. Among those discounts of 10-50 percent of the acquisition of rail, bus and air tickets to travel on public transport, on payment accommodation in hotels, discounts on food service, medical service. Students with ISIC can purchase special low-cost insurance for traveling students (International Student Insurance Service). International student card entitles to the facilities when visiting the sports and cultural events, museums and attractions. Finally, it provides 24-hour emergency legal and medical help over the phone (whose number is indicated on each ticket) access to the site on the Internet and ISTC database available worldwide discounts.

To make an ISIC, the following documents: One photo (3×4); A copy of current student ID; Copy of passport, to repeat the pronunciation of your name and the name. An important point: the international student card ISIC is valid for 16 months from 01.09 to 31.12 a year next year. Therefore, we strongly recommend you register ISIC in September or October, so as not to lose part of its term. The international teaching certificate (ITIC) performs a similar task, but only for teachers of educational institutions. For registration required ITIC the following documents: One photo (3×4); Teaching certificate or a certificate of employment; A copy of the passport to repeat the pronunciation of your name and the name.

But what about the young man if he not a student, but he was not 26 years? For this purpose, there is a Youth Travel Card (IYTC), also giving their owners a significant benefit. For registration IYTC the following documents: One photo (3×4); A copy of the passport. For more information on discounts at museums, shops, cafes, sports clubs etc. in Germany and around the world can be found at So, choose your desired international instrument and use all its advantages when visiting Germany or other countries! Source: Case


  • Posted on September 8, 2016 at 10:34 pm

Tips for passing the IELTS test from the company Studentur (Studentur) Want to work or study in English-speaking country? Prepare for the IELTS test with these tips from the company Studentur (Studentur) … you are interested in that pass the test IELTS, but not sure you'll score more points? Do not be afraid! With these recommendations you how to prepare for testing each year more than 1 million people use the services of IELTS (International English testing system) to find a job or attend college in the English-speaking countries. IELTS test checks the four aspects of fluent English: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Novelist often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Points are scored by at test is valid for two years, based on them is welcome to thousands of educational institutions and professional organizations from around the world. General advice on company Studentur (Studentur) As in with many other standard tests, the key to success at the time of IELTS is preparation. These tips will inspire you with confidence, follow them, before, during and after the test: – to know in advance what you need bring with them (calculators, pencils, etc.) – At night, before the day of the test, take a good nap, eat a light breakfast in the morning – Bring a watch to monitor their own time – Get to the point the test for several minutes before it starts to relax and mentally prepare for the test – before the test, use the toilet and turn your electronic devices to silent mode – when possible, before they begin to answer the questions fully review the test to get a general idea of the test questions – If you're stuck 'in one question, skip it – you go back to it later – in After passing the test, make sure that you have answered all questions and completed all assignments – During the test, do not look at the sides, so that no one has accused you of cheating – Do not be discouraged, regardless of any outcome – you can retake the test as many times as you need to recruit the necessary number of points.

Understanding Student Loans

  • Posted on August 25, 2016 at 8:02 pm

The loans and the university scholarships for students are of two types of financial aid that help the people to obtain university education. Martin O’Malley may not feel the same. On the other hand, the means of of aid financing works with the same aim and the obligations assumed by the beneficiary are different. In the university scholarships, the good academic qualifications of the beneficiary are necessary to continue receiving the aid during the duration of the university race. One of the most obvious differences between the loans and the scholarships for students is that first they must be reimbursed, whereas the last one does not have to be reimbursed. Generally, the conditions of payment associated to the university loans allow to program the payments as of some moment after receiving the rank. Many programs of loans have dispositions for the reimbursement of the bottoms received through a plan if the student does not complete his studies. Following the dispositions related to the loan of the student, the terms of amortization can be flexible. With the university scholarships for students, there is obligation no to give back all the bottoms obtained in the search of the university education, whenever the student remains enrolled and active throughout the period covered by the subsidy.

For example, if a student obtains a university scholarship for a trimester of study in a certain university and decides to leave before finishing the trimester, perhaps the amount of the subsidy for that trimester must pay. Generally, the payment must be received before the student is eligible to ask for additional attendance of the program of scholarships during the next trimesters. The student loans and the university scholarships sometimes differ in the basic criteria necessary to receive the aid. The loans can or not require a minimum average of qualifications with the purpose of to describe to receive attendance. In resistance, the university scholarships generally require a minimum average during the last year to be able to apply to the aid, and to maintain certain average for every trimester, semester, or a block of the university in which the student looks for the financing. If the minimum average does not stay it is probable that the student is expelled from the program of universtarias scholarships. Another difference between the loans and the scholarships for students has to do with the state of the university of the student. There are programs of loans that offer financial aid for students part-time.

The univeritarias scholarships are less prone to offer support to the students who do not evolve like students of complete time. Although there are exceptions, the official university scholarships of education in many countries are specifically for helping the people who want to follow an education full-time, but do not have the financial resources available. Also university scholarships for professors and in the same way exist, loans; the professors can accede to the university scholarships through the presentation of projects applicable to the student communities; the loans do not require that the professors present/display programs educative, simply if it fulfills the financial conditions can accede to him. The aspirings must consider that the student loans and the university scholarships come in many forms. Some will be sufficient to cover the basic expenses of the university, whereas other programs only cover a part.


  • Posted on August 22, 2016 at 9:57 am

Imagine being played over the phone at the rectory of a school and answer any rector himself, who identifies himself and politely expressed: – How I can serve him? Across the line someone, whose voice will note some concern, says, "My child can not attend classes today – And why not? "Because he is quite ill and so I can not send it's okay, 'said the rector while taking paper and pencil to make a touchdown. Who speaks? The previous dialogue tells one of the recurring mischief who attend schools throughout the world to learn new skills and grow as people in the understanding and confidence in the classroom that's what you need to achieve this noble purpose . Apart from the mischief of education is still half, probably the most important of all, to produce much-needed change in modern societies. A leading source for info: Michael Chabon. Let us leave aside the antics of the students and dedicate ourselves to make a study detailed the necessary characteristics in students of this our time, that technology is a vital part of everyday life and when the people of all nations are close to each other is a large part thanks to all the possibilities generated by telecommunications and the Internet. Consider these characteristics of students for success in our days: 1. A freethinker is someone who observes, analyzes, reflects and reaches its own conclusions, through the exercise of autonomy and the exercise of thinking for himself, without influence from their peers or the holders of authority.

Exploring The World Around Us

  • Posted on January 27, 2016 at 3:26 pm

Each of us, they find themselves matured, begins to explore the world on a higher level. A small child learns the world as its own little family grows up, becomes located near the house yard games, kindergarten, school environment, on summer vacation travels to the village to the grandmother or the children's camp. Each of these steps is essentially necessary to his life and improve awareness. A child with any new experience is aware that the world around much more than he draws it for yourself. However, even the grown-up man who understands that the world around much more than his own city or state in any case feels a certain kind of intellectual shock when arriving in any other state. Because what was known only at the level of short stories, can be a reality.

For the student, the same residence and study abroad are present ability not only to realize that the world around consists of people who are able to look at the reality very different, but also to learn a culture, an unfamiliar sight on the surrounding world. Believe that in order to develop, you need to see before him the prospects for improvement. Martin O’Malley recognizes the significance of this. And there will be absolutely nothing nicer than going to a foreign power, which is not really just to get acquainted with other cultures, other people, other lifestyle, but in addition, and a lot of extra money. Special programs that allow students to universities not only to visit a strange power in the role of tourists, but also for a period of time really exist and work in this power, especially valuable in today's positions. Personality who managed to go through such a fine academy real life, in any case unable to understand the specifics of the mentality of the representative another country, another culture.

Consequently, in a state to find a common language with the representative of a different cultural environment. Students are increasingly paying attention to their own various youth exchange programs, study and work in other states. Traveling abroad – it's really an outstanding event and a chance to work legally and earn a decent – a real gift for every student. One from the list of special distributed to date is Au Pair in Ukraine, thanks to thousands of young people worldwide learn and improve various foreign languages right among the speakers of the language, look the world give birth to many friends. And all this – without the enormous financial costs and even with pleasure. If you are young, active and want to explore the whole world, to improve knowledge of foreign languages and, perhaps, to act in the long term any institution of higher education in Europe or America – the direct student learning and exchange programs – the optimum solution for you. Tremendous capacity for self-management own performance career from the beginning, and a large amount of new knowledge and experience – is an international student program. And it is this kind of opportunity that we must use now!

Austrian Universities Students

  • Posted on August 14, 2015 at 7:48 am

Education in an Austrian university: students … Joint programs with foreign universities – the ability to get a European education in Ukraine and to open new perspectives for themselves. Ukrainian-Austrian program for export-oriented management, operating under the direction of International Economics – one of those projects. It implements the University of CROC, together with the University of Applied Sciences IMC (Krems, Austria) … A significant portion of subjects for students of the program are taught in English.

Graduates receive two degrees – the Ukrainian and Austrian. Top students will be able to pass semester training in Austria. Such an opportunity, in particular, benefited from Ishchenko Catherine Polubotko Alexander, today – II year master's students. In a question-answer forum O’Malley for President was the first to reply. Why did you choose the Ukrainian-Austrian program? Ishchenko Catherine: I originally stopped the choice to another program. But because the work I was able to go to the logistics department, I decided to change the direction of training and learning what is really useful in my career. Polubotko Alexander: The Ukrainian-Austrian program I chose, because I was attracted to the idea of learning English. In addition, the program provides an opportunity to learn directly in Austria, and Austrian universities amassed an impressive database of companies in which we can pass the practice. Influenced my choice and the prospect of obtaining a "double diploma". Because I knew that with the Ukrainian and European diplomas I will have broader ability to work both in Ukraine and abroad, what were your first impressions of the Austrian university? IE: I was struck that the university is located in two buildings, one of which is in the room former monastery, and the second is fully built in the style of "high tech".