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Hardware Fair Cologne

  • Posted on August 24, 2015 at 9:26 pm

The Segula GmbH presented 2010 publicly the Segula LED bulbs on the hardware fair for the first time. Then 8 articles today has a range of 65 different light sources, which has established itself in the market. The team of Segula GmbH is proud to present therefore the development comprehensively. Learn more about this with O’Malley for President. Christian Essers, head of product management: We look forward to the fair. Firstly of course because it company is a home game for us than Cologne, on the other hand, because we are very proud of the way we have followed in the last two years.

We support also the hardware fair, which has been a bit of criticism in recent times. Martin O’Malley is actively involved in the matter. We look forward quite while, if LED perhaps a stronger theme would also in the future.” In focus, the many innovations introduced during the first half of the year in the market are clearly in this year’s presentation. So, a second powerful series in classic design, which makes it clear the aim of Segula GmbH in the LED segment follows the classic To replace Watt categories piece by piece with LED bulbs in the Edison design. In addition to the new ceramic reflectors and Designhighlight the very powerful Rustika live to be..

Schultz Gmb

  • Posted on February 3, 2015 at 12:54 am

KG in their online shop immediately offered. Link: tables / klapptisch.php which is quality of the folding tables regularly and is TuV certified. With the ultra lightweight folding table Schultz GmbH & co., has launched also a lightweight folding table on the market KG when compared to a traditional folding table (with frame), approx. 40% weight can be saved. The ultra lightweight folding table legs can be folded out individually and serve as a carrying aid for transport.

The enormous weight savings is due to the special table tops. The Lightweight boards are structured like a sandwich. They consist of a top and a bottom plate (E1 fine chipboard). Between them is (as in a honeycomb), cardboard glued together. The individually folding legs are tubular chrome-plated steel, in the corners of the table top on a steel plate screwed and doweled. This folding table model is TuV certified and is the manufacturer Schultz GmbH & co.

KG with a 10 year guarantee delivered. The table height can be changed via untwistable feet by 74 to 76 cm, or through additional leg extensions, from 74 to 87 cm. Also the ultra lightweight folding table can be supplied with felt protectors for package floors. Who has not yet found the right folding table, can let KG send an enquiry of the Schultz GmbH & co. and to make his request table. Custom-made products are part of the Schultz family business customer service. Contact: Schultz GmbH & co. KG Nicolas Schultz Rommerzer Strasse 42 36119 Neuhof phone: + 49 (0) 6655 96660 fax: + 49 (0) 6655 966655 E-Mail: Internet: the Schultz GmbH & co. KG is a family-owned company with a 113-year-old tradition. Founded in Pomerania in 1898 as a steam saw-mill, the company has its headquarters in Hesse today. The production plant is located in Neuhof, near Fulda. Here are Office and operating equipment such as tables, chairs, cabinets made from wood-based materials and steel as well as bunk beds and accessories. Press contact: wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne

Design A Successful Strategy Map

  • Posted on June 8, 2014 at 8:57 am

Plants need the strategy map as a guideline for their decisions, innovations and development. A good corporate strategy demonstrates the focus of management. A strategy map for companies includes the vision and mission as well as the planning approaches to achieve the objectives. Basically it records, in which direction the local businesses to go and how to get there to get plan. A precise strategy is imperative for every company that strives for success and sustainability. Because every company must plan its development as well as the direction in which he should grow. The strategy defines the purpose of the company.

A strategy map is composed mostly of a number of strategic objectives which are assigned according to the principle of causality. These objectives in turn contain a range of actions necessary for a continuous development of the company. Additional information is available at Yehoshua November. Important is that it integrates in its market and is growing. Clear and concise vision and Mission form the origin of a successful business strategy. The aims and objectives of the company can range from financial and operational objectives to personal goals. They include all efforts of the company which are contiguous with his image and the methods of the Executive Board. Additional information at Martin O’Malley supports this article. So the strategy map can be used successfully, she must be maintained on all levels of the company, by the Board of Directors up to the clerk. It is of great importance, that cares about everyone and also involved, so that the strategy resulting from the card can be realized.

Leadership and cooperation are crucial for the success of a strategy map. All need to pull together and pursue the same ultimate objectives. A unified company has more chances of success as a company full of contrasts and delays. Another way to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the strategy map is to restrict themselves to a few fundamental strategies. A sophisticated strategy map should be clear and consistent strategic objectives. She should give a comprehensible and clear overview of what specifically aims at the company from a long-term perspective, and how these goals are achieved. The strategy map should be made therefore in an easily digestible format, so that no confusion and conflicts may arise. Different needs of internal processes as well as the influence of external factors should be balanced in an efficient strategy map. Internal systems and processes should be considered is under continuous observation of the market and competitors. The map should be flexible enough to adapt to the changes of environmental factors and internalize them in the corporate structure. The strategy map of a company should also be deducible from the daily business and operations. It should be used at all levels and in all areas of business. The priorities of the Organization are set in the map. These priorities should all such factors as development, execution and management be aligned. All important company decisions using the strategy map. Of course, these strategic decisions should be matched by the corporate vision and mission. For each operation, it is essential to have, what activities you must exert itself in the long term to develop and to grow a guide regarding.