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Acreditation Task Force

  • Posted on January 18, 2023 at 11:33 am

5) The company passes if ‘ ‘ monitorada’ ‘ for a Certifier and any customer she can submit claims of the certified company to the Certifier who will evaluate the nature and degree of the claim (former: Not attendance to an order, etc) 6) the company passes ‘ ‘ to leave of gastar’ ‘ with activities not planned therefore the ISO9001 it emphasizes the use of the PDCA in its base of performance in the implementation of the SGQ. We cannot forgetting in them that for some companies the Chinese threat is a real fact. mainly for the companies who supply the automobile industry, that only uses the ISO9001 as a first step of management of the quality, therefore all the productive chain of an automobile supplier must be cetificada ISO9001, at least. But it always has a questioning inside of the automotivas industries when the decision is to buy autopeas of Chinese companies. That image of products me the quality is being in the past.

According to data of the IATF? International Acreditation Task Force? 50% of emitted certificates ISO TS 16949 in the world almost are of Chinese companies. This very demonstrates a great persistence in taking care of to the requirements of quality of the automotivo segment. On the other hand, a good planning leaves a lesson of that is necessary to enter itself and to vender in any market, In this direction, to be imagining the advantages of if buying or not of a certifyd supplier ISO9001 cannot represent a delay great a bigger danger in only focar the immediate one, without if leading in consequence that in other companies these questions are only prerequisite that, if not taken care of, create more barriers of what advantages. The Chinese had made its lesson of house there behind, when the markets had planned to invade all, but for we, Brazilian companies, to focar immediate costs instead of strategies have been plus one badly of that a good. It is a to be learned lesson here.