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The Peletazocena Show

  • Posted on February 5, 2023 at 10:11 am

Farewells unmarried Madrid in the Peletazo have many advantages for you, and is in addition to the bar free beer, wine, sangria and soft drinks, you can repeat all the times that you want your menu dishes. To end the night, you’ll have free access to the discotheque the Doblon with a drink free, and if you want more, purchase our bono-copas at a great price so that the party did not stop. In the Peletazo acertareis safe, because it is the first interactive disco-restaurante of Madrid in which in addition to dinner, you have the possibility of seeing in action to Vicky the Vickinga, Rabocop, Chichi-leaders and the in the show more fun of Madrid. Another novelty that we offer is that you can talk to any table restaurant using the phone there is in each one of them. For more information see this site: Kurt Lewin. When you termineis dinner you can finish the night at the Disco the doubloon. Although many are forms of celebrate goodbyes, there is one that stands out above the others and always succeeds: dinner, show and Disco. This may sound to what makes a group of friends one night, but if you know where you go you will find the difference. Days and even months before a man marries has to go through one last thing of obligatory fulfilment: his hen. Although the stag parties have a long tradition and carry celebrating years and years, increasingly are more ways that must do so, but with one common denominator: friends and party till you drop.