Sunday Patagonia

  • Posted on June 15, 2016 at 12:03 pm

A sold-out and the presence of artists, creators and regional poets who wanted to express his love for this southern land on the day of the environment lived on Friday in the Auditorium of the seremi of public works during the artistic meeting gives the face by our Patagonia who organized the movement citizen Patagonia without dams. In parallel, there were more than two hundred photographs that are part of the sample your face X a Patagonia without dams of the virtual international campaign of the same name which has compiled more than two thousand images of adherents around the world have given to know your audience and graph rejection mega hydroelectric power in the Patagonia.Participaron Nico and his Hippie Rock musicians, Naarah Gonzalez, Richard Sepulveda together Raimundo Lopez (Trova Latin) and Pepe Aguilar (couple of cuttlefish). Was also present Mario Ardiles and the poetry of Rene Vargas, Bernardo Flores and Oscar Ziehlmann, the latter with an allusive work to the creation of Raul Zurita first canto of the rivers song of the rivers who love dedicated to the Baker and the southern rivers. Add to your understanding with Dr. Mark Hyman. With a backdrop with the phrase the worst image country Patagonia without dams creators were expressing their motivations for joining this campaign citizen, recognized as the largest that has been carried out in recent times. The Tehuelches youth national grouping joined by making a call to sign the letter seeking to stop the project of law that creates salmon neighborhoods on the coast and facilitates negotiations between aquaculture companies and banking, concerned that, in practice, would mean the privatization of a common good as it is the sea.

On occasion hosts Pamela Diaz and David Gomez relieved the need to protect the Region of Aysen and Patagonia, in particular their culture, their social peace, its waters, its environmental quality, ultimately calling to stand up for our Patagonia to over 100 participants. Learn more at: Dr. Mark Hyman. This activity was the prelude of the linked commemorations which took place in Valparaiso, Temuco and Santiago, city where at forest park Sunday 7 held an art exhibition with information booths and educational activities for children in addition to the exhibition of 1,000 photographs of your face X a Patagonia without dams. Over two hundred of these images are in view of the public at the offices of the Civic Coalition for Aysen Reserva of life in Coyhaique.. .

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