• Posted on January 7, 2021 at 12:48 am

The life the two becomes the focus of everything and the woman has that to live in function to please its man. This needs to renegar its wills, cries to swallow it, to give up dreams, to move away people, to ignore its suffering and can until arriving to believe that she is being insane person, therefore no matter how hard she is vain for the other of that everything goes badly because it is not good the sufficient, also does not obtain to see that so great deficiency is this that it possesss. It is a despairing, intriguing situation and total it are of its control, therefore nothing that makes it will be the sufficient. another aspect that can help to believe that she is being insane person is that socially, in the front of the other people it is an absolutely different being. Nobody would say it treats that you in this way. In case that it complains of it for the others, also she is guilty for liking if making of victim and making the others to think badly of it. Of this form, it woman to become the relationship less painful it annuls itself, it loses the notion of what really it is happening between the two and it finishes also losing its proper identity, therefore starts to be what the other wants that it is. It makes it to the misgino to believe that everything what it makes is missed, that it does not strengthen itself sufficiently for the good of the relation, that does not love it, that of the reasons for the fight and that the sufficient for it is not good. The worse one of everything is that it can convincing finish you of that is this same. Treats it you as ' ' lixo' ' you can finish believing that he is same and to pass if to see and if to treat as such.

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