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  • Posted on March 28, 2018 at 5:11 am

3. study-related Job Nico went to medical school and doing a job in the sleep lab a few times a week. The first 1-2 hours he’s talking to people, she plug in devices then the people go crash and Nico reads a book or write a blog post 🙂 Depending on the study, I would me there just look around, ask in the Student Council or at the LMU job offers. Benefits > plenty of time in between to studying to learn or to read a good book > good pay: 8-12 after the hour for a couple of times from the left rather go > learning disadvantages meet interesting people under the Extras > if you’re not familiar, you can sometimes get a bad bet conclusion: of course hard to say, because different from compartment to compartment. Take it as a thought and look at yourself, what you could do in your field of study.

4. advertising as advertising can get you after 1-3 months after you have registered with the Agency, emails with offers. These deals look like this: “Coca Cola pull shirt 1 x a week for a month: 100” the wars. If you want it, you accept the offer and get the shirt a few days later in the mail. The shirt are you wearing then 1 week (if you go to the gym, to the bakers or what ever) and you have to do more (theoretically you can not even put on the shirt, really check the Agency can’t do it).

If you have had 4 x on the shirt and finish the offer, you need not send of course it back (for hygienic reasons), but keep it. Benefits > you’re not working. The only thing you’re doing is an offer accept and unpack the package > get free textiles, the you while jogging or so can attract > merit: 30-130 per offer disadvantages > maybe the Zeitschriftenabo > Agency for fashion & leisure: I admit that the page looks not really professional, but it’s a cool job. Googling just after that, 99% of the reviews are positive. The agency you fill a registration form from un it is a photo made by you. The only snag (if you can call it “Hook”) is an annual fee for the mediation. The Agency raises the even better like in the Extras: you pay the fee in the form of a Zeitschriftenabbonements. Now, many may be cry out “Oh dear: A subscription!”. Is but half as wild. The subscription ends automatically, if you cancel the contract with the Agency. You can choose between several magazines (HorZu, Star, tv hear & see the mirror, colorful, Welt am Sonntag), while you can also take cheapest TV magazine, which about 70 in the year will cost you (so about as much as when the Extras job). Bottom line: This isn’t actually a job: P if you have no problem with it, to sell your body for billboard advertising and no desire / time for a bakery is perfect for you! Felix Nunn

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