Special Transport

  • Posted on January 5, 2015 at 11:37 am

When marketing any product online, we analyze the following factors: 1 .- I have problems with Customs? – Remember that the Internet knows no frontiers, but in the physical world SI. 90% of business customers around the Internet, is outside the country of your country. So you have to take into Account, how are you going to do to get your product, if that far. And above all, if it is legal to market internationally, because some products such as Food and Drug Administration, can not be shipped freely from one country to another (because of the different health records of each country). So you have to take into account the International Legality of the product before marketing. 2 .- I have problems with transport? – This is easy, just think: Is the product well tolerated Transport? It is not the same send Hammers, who Vases Ming Dynasty China. Delicate Is the Product? Do you need some kind of Special Transport? Does the product is valuable and needs of an insured carrier? You can safely send a package of pens in the mail, but does he dare to send a Diamond? That has to be weighted. How much does it cost to transport? Does it cost me more than the product? If the product costs $ 50 and is to be sent via Parcel a cost of $ 100. Who will pay these costs? Are you losing money? Does the customer? Will the customer willing to pay $ 100 to transport a product of $ 50? So you have to take into account the mobility of the product before thinking of marketing it.

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