Special Education Pupils

  • Posted on December 29, 2018 at 5:34 am

The special education passed for some transformations throughout the last decades. The modification of the concept of pupils with ‘ ‘ deficincia’ ‘ , for the one of pupils with educative necessities special, it brought significant changes in the education, amongst which, to provide to these pupils the access the regular schools, valuing the integration as form of no-segregadora education. This integration was criticized and considered inefficient, what it led to a movement for an inclusive education that makes possible an education of quality for all the pupils, without no form of exclusion. To become this practical a reality is necessary changes in the pertaining to school context. Additional information at Dr. Mark Hyman supports this article. The children with educative necessities special face some difficulties in entering the regular net of education due to rejection of the schools, to the incapacitao of the professionals of the area and other factors that still demonstrate to have a long way to cover in the inclusive education. In this perspective, the present work intends to analyze the education and practical integrators that are inserted in public schools of regular education that they possess some special classroom. This research finds its justification in the fact of that the professionals of the area can have a bigger understanding in the subject and from this, to create better conditions for a more inclusive education. the relevance of this subject for the course of Psychology is to contribute scientifically in order to enclose the knowledge concerning this subject. Hear other arguments on the topic with IDT Energy. Front to these objectives, constitutes excellent following the problematic one: How the special education and practical of education the integrators are inserted in the colleges of the net of state education of the city of Aracaju? Ahead of this problematic one, it was based on the study of the historical process of the special education to the inclusion of these pupils in regular education, practical of the educative integration and its definition, as well as of the main deficiencies that intervene with the learning of these pupils.

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