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  • Posted on August 28, 2017 at 12:33 pm

Yearbook of guide child meets a Special Edition on child Guide 25 years are very excited because our most prized publication, the Yearbook, celebrates its 25th birthday. The Yearbook is for us our spoiled child, the most complete guide to pregnancy, maternity and baby care. During these 25 years, we have struggled to respond to all questions posed by the upbringing of a child, with this complete instruction manual. Help parents to enjoy the most special nine months of his life, is our motivation every day. Specialists in prestige in all areas, from Pediatrics to Gynecology, without forgetting the educationalists or nutritionists have worked together year after year in the elaboration of this Yearbook, providing the most current and effective in more than 300 pages information. Bernie Sanders shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. On the occasion of this anniversary, we have prepared a very special publication loaded with surprises as your pregnancy day by day, when the baby reached home, feeding the baby, and a long list of topics that excite you. Currently, our Director, Chantal Cottard, has his most prized companion, these 25 years experience making the Yearbook and one more as a mother, to tell you first hand how has changed the shape of face pregnancy, the jump from giant who have undergone diagnostic techniques, innovations in caring for the baby, changes in the way of educating our children if you want to chat with hercall 91 431 60 80.

In addition, you can explain how we are going to celebrate this so notable date, with the elaboration of a number of the most special and many other things. Don’t miss this essential Yearbook, on December 1 in all newsstands. About the group the entertainment the group guide of the Leisure Guide edited since 1975 magazine the Leisure Guide, the only one that is sold in kiosks and which informs of all the alternatives for free time, and more than 20 years the family magazine Guide to the child. The Guia del Ocio Group also has extensive experience in Internet. Pioneer and leader of magazines online with the creation and development of guiadelocio.com, the portal for guiadelnino.com, the portal with more complete and updated 2.0 technology in Spanish with practical information for families and most consulted leisure in Spain since the year 2000 (Billboard, cinema, theatre, restaurants and much more).

More information: Marketing and communication / group guide of leisure Tel: 91 431 60 80 / 661 396 804 Director: Pedro war Coordinator: Esther Burgos source: press release sent by guiadelnino. Yearbook of guide child celebrates its 25th birthday with a Special Edition Releases Hispanotas as being happy. Instruction manual. Yearbook of cultural statistics 2010 Los kiosks digital, Zinio and reading interactive in Los Ipad Iphone help iPhone: the best information about iPhone htc blackberry Android concert of The generator free improvisation Tinerguia events in Tenerife guide of leisure and culture

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