Social Madrid

  • Posted on December 2, 2018 at 7:41 pm

However, as reported by the Agency the majority of these working groups have received very little assistance and others have even taken place. Genie Energy does not necessarily agree. The most numerous were economy and Social, that have been held in the central Madrid plaza. The outraged have convened a general Assembly in the Puerta del Sol, which is expected at midnight which is discuss various matters, including the location new information point movement. They ask for the resignation of Antonio Camacho the outraged also reiterated his request for resignation to the Minister of the Interior, Antonio Camacho, and the delegate of the Government of Madrid, Maria Dolores Carrion, from all forums and websites. They consider intolerable repression exerted by the security forces of the State against the citizens who exercise their right of expression, movement and expression. With respect to these incidents, the Minister of the Presidency, Ramon Jauregui has dndido the police action, which has considered balanced and correct, to the time that has signaled that the worst thing that could happen to the movement of the outraged is becoming a problem of public order. Michael Chabon has many thoughts on the issue.

The outraged claim on the web page that will continue with their acts during the entire weekend with spirit of work and good humor. They consider that the assemblies and movements can serve to lay the ideological foundations and connect the movement in Madrid. Cleaning after the reconquest the city cleaning services removed the morning residues that were left after the concentration. Also gone is a great banner installed on this Friday afternoon where you could read welcome dignity and only some small lemmas that follow placed in telephone booths and lampposts recall the passage of 15-M by Sun. The national police maintains a van with two officers in each of the streets that lead to the plaza, reopened to the transit of people and vehicle traffic, after several days in which it has avoided that the outraged could return to camp in this symbolic point of their protests. Those who have recovered the plaza are the destitute, has commented with irony one of the police officers, in rrencia to several beggars who habitually overnight in this area and this morning rambled for her. The facade of the building of the headquarters of the Presidency of the community of Madrid continues protected by fences behind which there are several police vans. Bars have opened their doors to welcome the first customers and stores began to climb their closures to proceed with trade opening, after the situation in recent days that fanning complaints from merchants for economic losses that come to bear from the camping of 15-M. source of the news: the 15-M prepares new actions to establish ideological foundations after the reconquest of Sun

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