Search Engines Map Sitemap

  • Posted on November 21, 2018 at 12:28 am

Do not trust registered in the search engines bots, better manual registration can imagine. So, go through the search engines: It is recognized that Yandex is the first in Russia among search engines. Joined: If your site unique content, to which, incidentally, we should strive always, to the index Yandex it falls fast enough for 5-7 days. If not – have to wait for indexing month, maybe longer. Read more here: Diamond Comic Distributors. This is due to many factors, but you must constantly post links to your site in directories of sites, bulletin boards, forums, etc., and then time hitting the site in the index is significantly reduced. Google – the main search engine in the world, but yet, the second in RuNet.

Although it is difficult find someone unfamiliar with Google. Registration in Google: / addurl When adding a site to Google there is no guarantee that the site will be immediately in its index. As a by Yandex, indexing, Google must wait long enough, however, plus it is that you can quickly index your site by posting a link to it from any well-known for the Google site or popular forum where his robot comes often enough. Immediately when you add a site to Google to create a sitemap sitemap.xml and add it to the panel webmasters in Google. Rambler is a very popular search engine in RuNet. Registration in the Rambler: / doc / add_site_form.shtml site, you can register using spetsformy registration if it is in Russia and cis countries.

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