School Intervention

  • Posted on November 16, 2016 at 9:18 am

Anger among the people of Tortel created the exhibition "Energy's Talk" that led HidroAysen Thursday September 10 to the town, after passing through several villages in the Aysen Region, south of Coyhaique, where information is delivered students in primary and secondary education on the benefits of hydropower over other energy alternatives, and was promoted step dam projects in the Baker and Pascua rivers. GEA is full of insight into the issues. Titled "The trick educational HidroAysen, the Association Environmental and Socio Cultural Chonkes chaired by Augusto Hernandez, does see his discomfort at the situation since the activities" was not informed parents or the public, not issued a communication, or request a visit or face to face for the company to parents, and the response from the director is that they were teaching subjects that are covered by the Ministry of Education. " Told in the letter that presentation was based on explaining the operation of dams, with "audio-visual presentation showing where the rivers of the region and the project aimed to flood certain areas of Patagonia, emphasizing the 'reduction' of the floodplain compared to the initial project, noting that this energy is necessary for the development of Chilean industry. " The workshop ended with all children trained, receiving "pamphlets alluding to a flashlight project and each with the logo of the company." All this would have been identified "through photographs by HidroAysen, graphically portraying the lie of the misnamed" clean energy education ', a title only used to disguise the process of internalization and propaganda you just made. " They explain that "a school official appealed to stand before a banner reading Chilean Patagonia Without Dams and in an act of protest, with frustration and impotence, and destroyed a student threw the flashlight and the company brochures, school and the Chilean educational system he was imposing.

" In the Group Chonkes note that "strikes us that instead of answering the citizen comments to the study of environmental impact, HidroAysen continues promoting their project and bought the ciudania, without disclosing your project really has not been approved legally avoiding comply with environmental standard that says they must answer the thousands of citizen comments presented during the month of November 2008. " Remember that "the community of adult and student Tortel participated in a public consultation where 80% was against the draft HidroAysen, then wondered if this is" a fair way of acting?, "Get to the locations secretly, without the parents and the community know? "Clean energy, education or marketing and advertising of your project?" Organization concludes by saying that "we see that it has come to lead to citizenship and, more importantly, has transgressed the limits, since they now point to the children and poisoning their minds with propaganda clean project that will destroy everything you know and have known in their little lives. " This show of discontent Tortel thus joins the action taken by a group of parents of school children of Villa O'Higgins, who with his efforts to develop managed to avoid a similar activity in that location. *** MORE INFORMATION.

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