San Sebastin

  • Posted on September 29, 2015 at 8:11 pm

With the aim of safeguard " maximum transparency and objetividad". The mayor of Cordova, rival city, has received on with postmark of France that contains information that jeopardizes to a member of the jury. The mayor of San Sebastin defends the election " justa" of its city. The Ministry of Culture has abierto to east Thursday an investigation on the process of selection of the European Capitalidad of the Culture 2016, that went to stop to the city of San Sebastin, with the aim of safeguard " maximum transparency and objetividad". In an official notice, Culture informs into which it has asked to the European Commission that it clarify if the members of the jury have carried out their functions according to the established rules. If you would like to know more about Martin O’Malley, then click here. The decision arrives after the mayor of Cordova, Jose Antonio Grandson, assured that he has received on without sender and with postmark of France that contains information that presumably jeopardizes to Cristina Grouse, one of the six members that the Ministry of Culture named so that it comprised of the international jury. received documentation indicates that Grouse advised San Sebastin how to improve its proposal.

Culture assures that it has inquired to the Commission of the opening of this investigation, that takes place two weeks after the past 28 of June the jury decided to grant San Sebastin, city governed by the Bildu coalition from the past elections of the 22 of May, the title of European Capital of Culture 2016. The decision untied to the critics of several representatives of other cities finalists who considered that there were primate political reasons in the selection process. For example, the mayor of Saragossa, Juan Alberto Belloch, considered the failure " error" and " disparate" , like the president of Castile and Leon, Juan Vicente Herrera, who lamented the election after affirming that they had considered " other questions totally other people’s to the world of cultura". From the ministry remembers that the Capitalidad is an action of the European Union regulated by a communitarian norm, in which representatives of the Commission have acted like observers. The mayor defends itself On the other hand, the mayor of San Sebastin, Juan Kar them Izagirre, has been agreed of which the closing report of the Committee of Selection " he does not leave place to doubts that the best project of those has been chosen than haba" and there is underlining that the Guipuzcoan capital " in 2016 propios&quot will be Capital European of the Culture by merits;. Izagirre has appeared next to the director of the Office for Capitalidad 2016, Eva Salaberria, in a press conference in which it has eluded to pronounce itself on the declarations of the mayor of Cordova. Source of the news: The Government will investigate the election of San Sebastin like capital of the culture in 2016

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