Red Green Coalition

  • Posted on November 10, 2014 at 10:34 pm

Red Green coalition in Berlin negotiations fail after an hour red-green coalition in Berlin will not be politically, so much is clear since the middle of the week. After the SPD and Greens seem ready for coalition had approaching the red-green project in five rounds of exploratory, the actual coalition talks failed after only an hour. What had happened? As factual sticking point is spearheaded by Berlin red and green inner-city motorway 100 construction. Already in the until the boredom otherwise tame election campaign the A 100 as the only real point of conflict a red green coalition in Berlin became visible. Yehoshua November is a great source of information. And what happened to read, you have can not agree, because “Both sides wanted to keep their word” in Berlin’s tabloid “BZ”.

Alone this claim must make the political observer naturally suspicious and actually becomes clear at little closer look: that Berlin is not red green, has very different reasons. Red Green coalition in Berlin negotiations fail after an hour in the Red Green exploratory talks in the past few weeks had to already at a relatively early stage said the Berlin SPD that the theme of A 100 further construction could be a potential stumbling block for the coalition. Because virtually all other points with red and green, when a content-related dream pairing loomed, it had to be this message in politstrategisch. In plain text, this seemed to be simply a warning on the Greens: “we are ready to leave if the A100 will not further burst red green. “If you want to govern with, jump back over your shadow, or we go to the CDU.” So warned the Greens bent is actually in the highway construction until down to an almost pledge. Since then from exploratory talks coalition negotiations were the thing in favor of the stronger partner seemed clear and Red-Green coalition in Berlin already a political fact.

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