Rafael Gallego

  • Posted on September 8, 2013 at 3:55 pm

E.P. To know more about this subject visit Martin O’Malley. He is buried in the sand and has a piece that allows you to anchor it to the ground. It weighs a kilogram, is waterproof, and closes with a plastic key. Boot sand requires a force of 20 kilos. The exhibition hall of the Museum of Ideas and inventions of Barcelona (MIBA) has presented this Tuesday a prototype of backpack designed to avoid the usual theft on beaches. The backpack, which weighs a kilo, has a front surface that is buried in the sand and a piece that allows you to anchor it to the ground by another point.

In addition, closes with a plastic key with boot sand requires a force of 20 kilos. Bay Watch prototype, which still has no name patented, has been baptized by its inventors, Rafael Gallego and Ana Bosch, as Bay-watch, although they will not use this denomination because the Baywatch is already registered by the well-known American series. The idea arose six years ago while the inventor, Rafael Gallego, witnessed the theft of sunglasses on the beach. They have invested 75,000 euros in the prototype was then when he devised the prototype, a plastic waterproof backpack, in which it has invested 75,000 euros. I am convinced that is viable, in addition, many thefts occur on the beaches and this invention allows that people can swim quietly without worrying about their things, said. Gallego has complained about the lack of public investment in inventions and has encouraged people to develop innovative projects: which does not dwindle, who look at the market and to work on their ideas. The Bay-watch can be seen until September in zone unlimited society of the MIBA, which exposes inventions that lack of investment to be promoted and marketed in the Catalan capital. Source of the news: presented in Barcelona the prototype of a backpack EAS for swimmers

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