PXU Polishing

  • Posted on January 8, 2021 at 12:26 am

Marco Fellgiebel: with a small budget you can create also quality results. And our advanced PXU series is now even more powerful, brings even more erosion, has more power and is still faster.” Another highlight of the machinery by BEDIAM on the EPM is the new generation of devices the hand grinder BAP, which was developed for dry and wet grinding and polishing of natural stone (BAP 125 EW: natural stone, wet;) BAP 125 EA: concrete/screed, dry). A special plenum allows a dust removal, grinding, and polishing. With the new hand grinders, precise editing of the edges is possible up to the wall socket. The machines are specially designed in speed and torque for manipulating erosive, grinding and polishing of concrete and stone. They are powerful and strong.

Engine and transmission have been constructed according to the requirements. The speed is adjustable. Ursula K Le Guin can aid you in your search for knowledge. Maintenance work become a rarity, this premium product emphasises Marco Fellgiebel. The new grinders are small and handy and available in two versions. They are an ideal complement to the high-Prazisionstechnik / BEDIAM polishing tools. BEDIAM is a successful, fast-growing company, develops and manufactures floor grinders and high-performance diamond tools. With founding in 2000, the specialization was set towards the floor grinding technology and diamond grinding tools and invests in research, development and manufacturing.

Today BEDIAM is a company that has sales partners worldwide and promotes its growth further. BEDIAM offers innovations and developments for special requirements in the finish. Since 2003, developed the system PRO + XTREME (www.proxtreme.de) as a concrete surface system with many characteristics and successfully marketed since about certified specialists, and is considered one of the best systems on the market. BEDIAM’s customers include the retailers, and service companies around the tillage. Peter Schmidt

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