• Posted on January 26, 2019 at 3:26 am

The main object of study of this boarding he is unconscious, having as the precursory one for such thematic one, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939). One of the characteristics of the discovery consists of the fact of that this deep structure of the mind would in accordance with define psychic of the person its repercussions. Moreover, the psicanaltica clinic makes possible to that it has interest in being taken care of, the use of the word and later, the rebuilding of its history in clear way, that is, not omitting given essential of its personality. The authors above claim that the difference of the Psychoanalysis for the too much therapeutical segments is the singular conceitualizao of psicopatologia, where the normality idea infringe of considerable form in the classification of determined attitudes that stops other boardings, could be a case of important persistence. The primordial task of the practical psicanaltica consists of analyzing the symptom of the citizen, making to understand it its meaning and to coexist the psychic one better. So that such process has success, the professional will make a listening space and will try the establishment of a transferencial bond. Ahead of this, the psicopatologia in this context is based for the idea of clinical structures, constituting in the form as the individual perceives the prohibition and as this intervenes with the culture. Giving continuity what Freud initiated, Jacques Lacan (1901-1981) got conditions to excellently know the estimated ones of the psychosis and to present its mechanism, that consists of the foracluso of Name-do-Father (a significant one) in the register of the simbolizao. The individual, instead of looking forms to supply the necessity that the Other makes, continues arraigado it, constituting a relation of continuity and a mentally ill form in relation to the significant ones that from it proceeds. Frederico (2008) tells that Lacan (1957-58), in its text ' ' Of a previous question on the possible treatment of psicose' ' it pointed a rupture accented between neurosis and psychosis, in the level of results of the foracluso of Name-do-Father.

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