President Michelle Bachelet

  • Posted on July 23, 2013 at 1:33 pm

Pinera plummet in the polls. Not even the helicopter saves him from this. The latest ADIMARK survey shows that the adoption of the current President of the Republic, Sebastian Pinera, fell to 41%. Worse still, first rejection marks more point than the approval (46%). What’s happening with people? not supposed that they wanted a change, which got tired of the conclusion? There is the solution to all your problems, what the public asked for. We have a President extremely moth, because where there are cameras and lights, Pinera is present with its the Grinch smile. No, I don’t like Frei is very stubborn, he has no charisma said people.

And well, we can now appreciate a number of pinericosas, as what message Nazi in Germany, the extravagant pinned and the existence of many animals that we had no ideas who inhabited so many things in our country, like the Leopard for example, in the end. It is clear that the people He intended to change the insolence and bad habits that had some members of the coalition. A smell of rot out at the meetings of the parties. Now, they are in an Action Plan or better ventilation Plan, since they want to rewrite the conclusion with new ideas and new faces. Which for me, has no strength yet.

In addition, we all know that the future presidential letter of the Concertacion, is the former President Michelle Bachelet. Okay, he is a great professional made a big government, but what change I speak, if they are going to be the same types before, only with other charges, perhaps not so important, but just be there as ticks. Therefore, that faced with these surveys is a focus clear, that neither the right nor the left call have things clear, i.e. not know where goes the micro. Lack change several things in our Constitution regarding what is democracy, which makes him sick absence to our country. When truth exists, will not have major problems with social policies and decadent figures called 01-02-11 Presidents Juan M.

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