President Islands

  • Posted on July 25, 2013 at 3:47 pm

The Canarian coalition candidate was supported by 21 votes of deputies of his party and the 15 of the PSOE in the investiture session. Rivero said that the Canarian economy recovery and job creation will be its main challenges in the next four years. The candidate of Canarian Coalition, Paulino Rivero, was re-elected Tuesday as President of the Canarian Government with the support of the 21 votes of the deputies of his party and the 15 members of the PSOE. The candidacy of Rivero was voted against by the people’s Party, with the Canarian Coalition ruled three and a half years for four of the previous legislature, while the MPS two new Canary and the Party of Independents from Lanzarote abstained. In the debate on the investiture, which began on Monday in the Parliament of the Canary Islands, Rivero exhibited his political program for the next four years, based on ten goals, although he pointed out that the Canarian economy recovery and job creation will be his major challenges for this legislature. Agreement with the PSOE in your last speech here Tuesday, Rivero noted that the agreement signed with the PSOE Government intends to give stability to the Canary Islands in the next four years and reassured the Government that name in the coming days is born with the pretension of being stable, cohesive and with the aim of working for the Canary Islands. It was emphasized that education, innovation, training and the promotion of knowledge will be essential for the future of the Islands and although he advocated economic diversification, said that tourism remains the main economic sector of the Canary Islands and the only one capable of promoting recovery.

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