Preparing Mind And Emotional Intelligence Working Our Financing Control For Freedom

  • Posted on March 30, 2013 at 2:33 am

Preparing the mind and working our emotional intelligence to go for Financial Freedom and Prosperity and really be sure that you're gonna get, we should start working for a psychological, mental, motivational, and small changes in behavior in our speech, both in the way the content, what I mean at this point, the WORDS are becoming a real importance in achieving objectives, this because the human mind works through conscious orders and unaware that every minute you are giving, when we say "I can not do that" the mind is extremely obedient and therefore does nothing to try to achieve, since he just said that you can not. Conversely, if you say "As I can do that," the mind automatically begins to work to get something out. This happens with all the words we use at all times, the mind is always aware of how we refer to the different events that happen in our lives and around us and the opinions we have in front of them so this is what ultimately determines how we cope with the event whether for good or ill. To begin to resolve this problem requires some changes in how we express ourselves and for that there is a task we perform. Task From today and for a full week will propose you listen to yourself every day and throughout the day, ie every minute in every conversation you have, every thought and reaction that you face all that you pace this week.

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