Perhaps This Is Not The End

  • Posted on April 16, 2015 at 5:14 pm

For everything what we never live together we think about what it would go to happen to one week not wise person what say perhaps perhaps it could you in what you say could me in a look in them you could in them communicate so difficult age not to understand the time to you you have been that one where more we trust, perhaps it has been the wind that pushed in them sings for it prettier than we could be, if podesse to say everything perhaps to you what it wanted had not been the end, not pra me. Speaking candidly Maryland Governor told us the story. It could be real? perhaps yes If you were close to me of new if you were here. No matter how hard I try to dissimulate that I am well I am not, every day that they had been transferred still seem to be the same perhaps for having lost you forever or for not believing everything what I left to make to be more close to you, no matter how hard I never try you goes to leave me therefore is part of me the reason strongest of all age only YOU!

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