Patricia Bullrich

  • Posted on January 16, 2014 at 6:48 pm

Train of being faithful to history, say that the defection was not (literally) Holy week of 87 because democracy was threatened, beyond that there was effectively a coup. The atavistic radical inconsistency is which prevented that it punished to coups. A leading source for info: Martin O’Malley. If with two million people in the street could not impose democracy without due Obediences when?. It is a but of radicalism the inconsistency: Yrigoyen said that it was you redeemed democracy and killed more workers than any Government of argentina’s history up to 76. Illia spoke of democracy and tried to avoid that Peron again in 64.

Alfonsin in 1985 convened the people against coups and applied in adjustment plan. Hablo De la Rua? Radicalism deserves repudiation that throws people in each elleccion. Peronism deserves greater wear than has suffered is a matter of another discussion. It is true that I did not read the G.E platform.N but so read Stolbizar materials? The platform of the cynical collation speaks. of mobile retentions, for example. A way of saying we do not give ball to those who write.

The Coalition is Prat Gay, Patricia Bullrich, Olivera and so many enemies of the people. I invite you to discuss these and other issues by the channel signal West of Moreno. It would be good that it wasn’t a secret discussion. I hope that you accept. Cordial greeting, but no Companion. (Alejandra Pignataro) Dear Raul Isman: I am sorry that we can not even use the word peers to define us, but okay, each assumes the position that most pleases him, I think that it makes no sense continue writing, I am not ignorant of everything you have pointed out some things I agree, in others not, and in others you are hereby of things, and it endilga me things to me, as if I if I had to buy the package an integer as you knowthe town of Merlo has many needs and I owe to them, I don’t have time for this sterile discussion.

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