Partner Relationship

  • Posted on March 9, 2015 at 5:04 am

A very important factor to generate money is our personal harmony more Yes our relationship isn’t right we can hardly keep our wellbeing and therefore our economic progress will be strongly diminished, there are ways to fix this. For many years it was believed that our personal well-being depends on factors external to us, that to be in fullness and happy (you) depends on something or someone to do something or to happen something outside us (s) so that we are well, and who is most credited with the power to determine our emotional state is the couple. Nothing and nobody has because make us feel bad or good or regular, really that power resides exclusively in us (I) same (I). Here I give you ways to regain your power of welfare. Search. Where did you learn, or who or when you understand through a couple you were going to be OK. Very probably was in your childhood through education both how cultural family received, beliefs as: fell in love, is houses and lived happily forever, yes you do not marry you’ll be one (or) spinster (on) you already stay for dressing santos!, Me case to be happy etc.

He questions. Are really really all these beliefs that you heard from that had use of reason, I recommend that sit quietly and write at least 20 beliefs about marriage or the couple, negative or blocking beliefs such as those you mentioned in the first point and ask yourself who says that? In which book is written? Is it better to the society by sustaining these beliefs? , Would I have been more fully (o) by believing this? And Yes your answers lead to all this keeps you in reverse then burning that worksheet where you have written all those beliefs and feel that they come out of your life. Respect the sentiment to destroy, burn or get rid of those beliefs. Mourn what has to be mourned, saying what has to be said, shout what you have to be shouted. It formulates new beliefs with regard to this, which are the polarity, the antidote to old beliefs eg. : I case or I got married to be happy v/s only need of me to be happy, this is an example you have to find your own beliefs and find phrases antidote in your own words. Everytime you feel that old beliefs are becoming through thoughts as, without he or she will not be happy, or what I do without the / she?, etc. apply your new sentences.

These are only some of the roads to get out of what in the language of psychotherapists call co-dependency, and that both separates us from above all economic progress. Yes want to leave these States a definitively seeks deep and professional help. By DRA. Eloisa Chavarria Dr. Eloisa Chavarria has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to improve their professional and financial results. Meet their designed strategies for reach the next level in your business, visit: and get free first.

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