Niederahr Braun

  • Posted on January 7, 2021 at 5:48 pm

KG. The experiences have shown us already with customers in the international market, that fits our concept in other countries. A leaky basement is unacceptable for every client and also threatened the entire building. Also possible health risks caused by moisture and mold growth or invading gases from the soil such as, for example, radon, playing a strong role here.” Learn more about the NOVA-standard technology:. Website of the European Patent Office: index_de.html.

Brief description: partner engineering Braun GmbH & co. KG which is among partner building Braun GmbH & co. KG the first addresses of in Germany, when it comes to commercial and residential basement systems. 1996 in Niederahr/ww. founded, the company has captured a significant market share in the sector of individual basement construction in less than 10 years. They are under the management of CEO Hans Braun, who is considered a pioneer in the field finished basement construction (more than 5,000 finished basement) with over 30 years of experience, Products by partner construction as a synonym for high quality (GuF – and RAL-certified), innovative technology, short transport routes, fast delivery, flexibility and favourable conditions. At the main plant in Niederahr are sustainable and economically attractive cellar solutions under the name segmenta”are grouped together, developed and produced.

Behind this name is also the complete partner construction portfolio. Partner construction offers its customers thorough services in conjunction with a comprehensive expertise in all areas of basement construction. This ranges from the planning, statics of the professional technical construction management (assessment of ground conditions, permit beading etc.) up to the consultation of the builders. The sealing system developed by partner construction”based on polyethylene and the exclusive use of its own expert fitters ensure a 100% tightness of basement systems, even in difficult soil conditions (such as ground water, etc.). The industrial prefabrication of large-sized cellar components is in the acquired Germany-based partner plants. Therefore, a comprehensive representation of the company on the German market of basement construction is guaranteed.

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