Mexican State

  • Posted on December 11, 2020 at 6:56 am

Fiscally this model of wealth management has affected an inefficient collection system, to solve the economic requirements of the civil service in a sustainable manner. We have historically used borrowing and oil revenues, as the magical source of resources for exempt from the payment of taxes to the privileged and exempt from the same to the deprived masses. Finally politically sustain, at a high cost, a pseudo democracy where offers a menu of matches (the ones that we never believed), to choose to the different levels of power, whose mission will be again grant wealth and well-being for free for a few and subsistence for the majority. In all this there is a forgotten minority. A minority that works, that it is producing wealth and that pays taxes (increasing to, unsuccessfully, to compensate troop not the privileged to have wealth and power or by having the power that gives the most is being shaped).

This minority is expected that you inter alia: pay the indebtedness, the resources to overcome the crisis, which compensate for the decrease in oil revenues and until you pay an additional tax to buy vaccines. We have a long experience in this type of solution, the result of all this know it very well; It is none other than discouraging that works so inducing or forcing him to join the rich and powerful minority (unlikely option within the law), or to join the bulk of the dispossessed population. Break the inertia in a credible way, sustainable and socially valid, requires open access to the population to the formation of wealth, for which it is necessary to redefine the legal framework of the Mexican State. It is not enough to improve the legal framework, since an error of principle; cannot be improved We must consider that we want to get and pay the social cost to achieve this (not just the political cost) as I raise lately. The cost to be paid affects the current beneficiaries; the commitments embodied in the legislation enabling preserves power and wealth and should be delete in I demerit of the enrichment of the country as harmonious and stimulating the majority effort to learn, prepare, research and produce richness. Hear who propose sweat and tears to achieve a valid objective and not expect that reality imposes us, at the end of the magic solutions, blood and tears for not having the possibility of options for a dignified and productive life.

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