• Posted on November 3, 2014 at 2:27 am

Limousine rental of various grades are available in Moscow and its suburbs. Rent a limousine for all occasions! Limousine service possible in every city and town suburbs. Limousine rental is possible at any time and for any event. We offer rent a limo as a taxi. Limousine taxis to meet your business partner will emphasize your status and reliability of your company. At your request we will submit a limousine to the airport or train station. If you recently became pope, you have a son, daughter, or you became parents of many children at once, take a limousine hire to meet moms with babies from the hospital. Request a limo to the hospital – let the kid’s first walk will be held in comfortable and safe limousine.

We offer limousine rental as a taxi for comfortable trips to the boutiques and shops. Limousines for the wedding of different brands and different capacities. Click Yehoshua November to learn more. In our company you can order a wedding limousines capacity from 6 to 18 people. We offer limousine rental for wedding different models. In our fleet includes: Limousine Chrysler 300C, Limousine Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Town Car, limousine hummer. You can make a limousine in Moscow, including limousine service for wedding call us by phone. Currently our fleet the following limousines: order wedding limousines in our company, you receive from us a gift – jewelry for your wedding limousine to choose from for free! Wedding is one of the memorable and special occasions in life. For most couples, it only happens once in a lifetime, in connection with the limousine service at a wedding is an important and responsible work. Thanks to our own fleet and service repair of limousines, all of limousines, including wedding limousines are regularly maintained and are in excellent condition. Ordering a wedding limousine in the company Limodelyuks, you get a 100% guarantee delivery chosen for the wedding limousine.

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