Kneaded Heart

  • Posted on June 15, 2014 at 12:33 am

Today I felt what it is a heart kneaded under a look that never he had seen. The simple fact to read a vacant paper for cantos of this so great estraalhado sent to the souvenirs yours to me, but exactly thus when catching and kneading this piece of paper I all take together that feeling that strong is jammed. I catch estagnado with the confidence, and understanding pressed by a hasty look on that sheet of paper, at least I perceived that age the consequence of what it wanted to say you, then I bring one doubts so great how much my heart that at least of the signal of old directions, without the least to hear the lightest stroke, therefore this fulfilling finishes to be played to the garbage. Already I do not know if it has time to come back and to keep to that piece of writing in way my scribbles, but exactly played to the garbage it entered in my mind and certainly he is cravado in my chest. Little by little a relief absorbing together goes me with a hunch, feels that now I am ready together with to run my texts to your body and then to ahead act of you in order to leave to it without reaction, therefore I finished to feel the force of a written word and saciado I do not search to discover my power on you, together with the flavor of its mouth. This sudden change where my heart for and soon after beats more strong, is gotten through the souvenirs of each kiss stolen, received or even though imagined, is inspiration source that you me of, but exactly thus do not feel yourself capable to transmit exactly with the shout highest where all can hear to say what estraalhas in my chest is interlaced in cravados way, I eye ahead mirror and expect you to it to exactly appear grasped me that in the truth you are more present and strong in my singelos feelings, in my continuous thoughts. Fierce and escrpulo in my action I tono to look for to you, and all this incapacity of the people to be capable to identify the weapons that use to fight and at least the reason of fighting, erradia the lack of conquests and if becomes obstacles ahead me, but what I feel here it is more than any same incompreenso that still is incompressible the meaning of a kneaded leaf and play to the nothing, I discover that the pulsante feeling is strong, what I write here is a way to fight to exist we, and that all the kneaded leves already if become souvenirs of nights in clearly thinking about you, now I admit that if today was necessary to close the eyes to enxergar you, tomorrow agreement waiting to open the eyes lightly to find you and between blows right-handers the hearts I face all the uncertainties with the reinforcement that overlap you me. I do not fear the nothing more, therefore the time will be capable to cure what the reason not cure, you will be capable to erase any threat and to make to appear new souvenirs. A joy is in fight, in the attempt of the involved feeling to be each more intense time, but nor therefore understandable, not in the victory properly said, but in your presence to each day. My heart is to be compared with this paper and asks for then that it does not need to be kneaded to be valued!

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