Keep Motorcycle Driving Safely

  • Posted on June 2, 2013 at 9:11 pm

Biking precausitons:-damper system is the same, except that here you must lean strong in the back of the bike to see how it sinks and rises, there should be no loss of oil jumps , if too rebotona, check the adjustment and if it’s okay so to speak, maybe the shock is called …. Recently Novelist sought to clarify these questions. .-Rines .- checks that are not bent, crooked or hammer marks, a bent rim if it is fatallllllll straightens and if checate rays that are not loose or zafados or in extreme cases no longer have the ray there …. -painting a new painting water is not always synonymous with care -Speedometer and odometer .- do not trust them, just see they are complete and have all your cables and handling. -cuffs and stirrups .- index and without fail if there have been falls .- -lights as they are not rendered or no longer exist .- -Battery charging check and walking at idle, turn on the lights principal, must have good intensity. .-.-Chain review that is not oxidized, tight, with stiff links and step reviews the crown and pinion (if you have access) have no sharp teeth and in the worst case, they no longer have teeth.

-Motor .- the most hard fought and at least check for leaks, strange noises at idle speed, dirt, scratches, marks arrastron, silicon everywhere. When the engine starts it, having working temperature should be heard even, try it and give small accelerations, only little by little, the joke is that laps up and down right away, at that time listening for game valves and strange noises in the bottom (metal rod and balanced) .- to -Carburetors leaks, sound and performance is the couple and that colors are not exactly rare on the engine below the carburetor (this indicates leakage of gasoline) .- .- Spark Plugs recalls that indicate how the engine goes, hard to see if tool wear for the Czech Republic. Filters .- -entry check that USE FILTERS and whether you see your state. Waters .- .- Escape patch, pitted and hearth plates riveted below, also check that you do not have deep scratches, clear indicator of falls .- .- Clearances have not reviewed games on the swing, to revise, up center stand the bike (if any) or Support her on the leg and lift the rear wheel, you ask someone to stop it and not throw what you must do is to move the swing to the left and right, should not have set. To check the direction you should go up now the front wheel and you should check that does not have games that get stuck to turn from side to side and that is not muyyyyyyy hard, tight direction and indicates that the bearings are to mourn .. And most importantly …: will immediately notice that there are more things to check but these are the basic input, if these tests had a good time, perhaps with luck and you run before you a small motorcycle cuidadita.Y enough there is also limiting the Seller allows you to do these tests, if you oppose this, because when the river water sounds, it is because water carries ……

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