In Advertising: Collomix Standards Together With ADVERMA

  • Posted on November 10, 2016 at 2:02 am

Products of the specialist for mixing technique on the construction and industry go world’s new marketing campaign Rohrbach / Gaimersheim (mh) in around 40 countries – as a specialist in mixing technology in construction and in the industry the Collomix mixing and mixing equipment GmbH (, with its products in the industry and the market benchmark. The company from Gaimersheim (near Ingolstadt) in advertising has the same claim. Therefore Collomix has come up now make a new marketing campaign, advertising & Marketing GmbH ( of the Baba ADVERMA. The target group are professionals as well as consumers. “Behind the name Collomix on the construction site as well as for the so-called mixed in the closed vessel a leading provider of tools and machines for material processing in industry and trade. The owner-managed company was founded in 1974.

Since then, it has grown steadily and currently it employs 100 people. More info: Malkia Cyril. Today Collomix products in around 40 countries worldwide are in the usage. Mixing Engineering Division includes a complete range of tools, electrical tools and automatically operated mixers (for mixing on the spot), which are developed, produced and marketed by Collomix. The brand from qualified retailers (construction equipment, building materials, hardware – / tool trade, painter and plasterer supplies etc.). The second area is the industrial mixing technology. Here, Collomix bi-axial mixers and shakers brings to the mixing of viscous substances in closed containers on the market, in particular for the international building paints industry.

With the machine program, but also printing inks, automotive coatings, adhesives or plural-component industrial materials for various purposes can be homogenized. In terms of marketing Collomix has advertising and Marketing GmbH together successfully with the ADVERMA for many years. So comes the new campaign from the in the greater Munich area-based advertising and think tank. At the heart of technological communication is “Market leadership of Collomix manufacture of stirring and mixing devices and profiling as a strong brand made in Germany”, Franziska Steuer, marketing consultant at the Agency explains.

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