History Of The Company Nokia

  • Posted on March 4, 2014 at 12:38 pm

History of the origin, formation and development of the Finnish company Nokia is considered one of the most interesting and exciting stories about the successful business of the 20th century: from paper production to the top of the world market telecommunications. Happy Birthday Nokia is considered to be May 12, 1865, that's when the Finnish engineer Fredrik Idestamu was allowed to build factories for the production of wood pulp by the river 'Nokia'. It is the time base company came a rapid growth industry. Industrialization, the need for paper for developing cities and factories grew with each passing day. Thus Nokia quickly rose to national businesses level and formed around the eponymous town of Nokia.

Finnish paper production plant was shipped to Russia, Britain, France, China and many other markets. In 1920, three companies: Nokia Corporation, Finnish Rubber Works (production of rubber products) and Finnish Cable Works (electric cable production) entered into a coalition to form the Nokia Group. And in the 1930s, Nokia was leading in all areas of its activities. Despite the seemingly mundane activities of the Finnish conglomerate (Paper, rubber and electrical cable), Nokia has always looked to the future. Back in the 60s president Finnish Cable Works Bjorn Westerlund establish a department of electronics, which conducts research in the field of semiconductors. And, despite prevailed in those years conservatism in the field of switching devices (they were all electromechanical), Nokia takes on the development of the digital switch. In 1969 the first RSM-transmitting equipment that meets the standards of CCITT, lets just Nokia.

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