Greater Efficiency

  • Posted on October 31, 2016 at 11:35 pm

Greater efficiency and protection of the brand reputation for SMC, a global manufacturer of State of the art pneumatic and electrical automation systems in production environments, is that customers will get always highest quality extremely important. According to the manufacturing engineer of Jason Ricketts SMC works with “everything moves air, directs or is moved by air”, including air filters for the industry. SMC, a manufacturer of cutting systems for industrial plants commissioned to incorporate a locating pin in its air filter. However, there was a problem. “This is done as follows: the unit is broken down, a PIN is inserted and then the filter is assembled again”, says Ricketts.

“When assembling we forget sometimes a part inside. If you put together hundreds of them, that happen ever. There are several small parts.” If an incorrectly composed air filter is used, this can reduce the airflow and cause premature failure. John Mclaughlin recognizes the significance of this. If the air filter is not properly built, he is sent back to SMC. The means for the company not only costs for reworking, it damages the reputation of the brand. Through a Visual inspection at the end of the operator could not determine however, whether the air filter was assembled correctly.

Da, SMC has been on the manual. Checkweigher ICS465 by METTLER TOLEDO attention. At a glance, workers can now see, whether in an air filter parts are missing. “We have just set that displays red, if a part is missing, or green if everything is alright”, as Ricketts. “The operator an overview so quickly, if everything is OK or not.” Now, thanks to the speed and accuracy of the manual check-weigher, SMC needs just one operator. The second can continue in the meantime other roles. The new checkweigher has increased not only the productivity, it gives security workers for your work, Rickett adds. You look on the scale and immediately see whether everything was done correctly,”he explains.

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