Great Jihad

  • Posted on March 28, 2021 at 9:56 am

Citizens to impose uniformity, and to force them to wear the same clothes or themselves in the same way to behavior is not in accordance with the exact verses of the Koran and totally contrary to the spirit of the revelations. Idt energy contributes greatly to this topic. d. in some Muslim societies is prescribed to women in the name of Islam to conceal themselves or to wear a head scarf. Also this custom continues of women of immigrant Muslims in the West. Many Western authorities dare not to speak because they believe against such customs they would hurt the Holy Sharia law – but this master custom has not anything to do with the Koran with Islam.

e. on the basis of the Koran there is no uniformity with regard to faith, the thoughts, beliefs or the clothing of the people. In stark contrast, Muslim legal experts, the society impose their own made-up opinions on behalf of Islamic law. Conclusion the Koran considers that the most important enemy of man / her ego is. The devout Muslim developed human qualities such as tolerance, generosity and chivalry in the course of his life, by he or she permanently his / her ego wrestles with the nubs (Great Jihad). The above mentioned series of courses and conferences provide a fundamentally educated generation among devout Muslims in Western societies. The courses can find the balance between faith and modernism in Western societies and receive the respect for human values.

You can help the society the case civil divisions and faults to avoid. You can embark on the pretext of anarchists, to act in the name of Islam. Such a series can support the society, to prevent the dangerous development of fanaticism in the name of Islam. Such a series of teachings can give a very good example of a civilized and modern Muslim society for the whole Muslim world community. Dr. Seyed M. Azmayesh / 1, the Christian calendar refers to the birth of Jesus.

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