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  • Posted on October 25, 2014 at 10:42 pm

SPD Board meeting paves 2013 the Grand Coalition the way the “Grand Coalition” is inconclusive in this country. On the other hand is a time of stagnation in politics, in which the parties of the Grand Coalition – red and black – neutralize each other up. But on the other hand, also this yearning is because – even more, even less hidden -. The longing after the cozy feeling, unity of political forces, but also the possibility of virtually oppositionslosen “through governance”. Also is the Grand Coalition and some is given the course of the SPD in the last 12 months the idea came that the “Reds” would all over again with the “black”, as was the 1966-1969 and 2005-2009. Grand Coalition to a third party? SPD Board meeting paves 2013 the Grand Coalition in the last week of the SPD Executive Committee retreat across the political stage of the first strategic commitments for the Bundestag election year were expected in 2013 went the way in Potsdam.

And behold, the Grand Coalition of the SPD now has also, the seal of a Bureau decision. Because how can we, understand differently all denials to the contrary, Sigmar Gabriel, when he stressed that it wanted lead no bearing campaign against the Chancellor. And further: “I think anyway that the time where they say we fight against the others, are over. Financial markets are our enemies, our opponent is the social divisions in Germany (…).” At the same time Gabriel rejected; all coalitions with the left the goal of red-green, was instead to hear. So no Grand Coalition? Red-Green 2013 realistic actually don’t, is because red-green when does nothing landslide-like and despite the pathetic vision of black and yellow, remain a mere pipe dream, knows that Sigmar Gabriel as well as Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Keep the Grand Coalition as the only realistic and presidential legal option for the SPD.

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