General Regimen

  • Posted on October 14, 2020 at 12:56 am

At last, the insured who to enter the General Regimen of Previdncia Social (RGPS) still in youth finishes for being punished two times, therefore beyond starting to work more early, for consequncia it will have to contribute for a bigger time for the Providence so that this, through the calculation of the previdencirio factor, does not diminish its benefit still more. DIEESE (2008) explains that when entering in vigor, in 1999, the factor had direct impact in the value of the retirements for contribution time, where the average of the values of the retirements for contribution had been lowered in at least 23% for the men and more than 30% for the women, what we can confer below in the graphs. The first one of the beneficiaries of the masculine sex and as of the beneficiaries of the feminine sex. FIGURE 1 APPEARS 2 DIEESE (2008: 9 -10) explain that: The defenders of the previdencirio factor had looked for to transmit the idea of that the worker could choose between delaying its retirement or seeing the value of its reduced benefit. In the practical one, however, this freedom of option of the worker is limited drastically by a market of work characterized for the high taxes of unemployment, long periods of search for a new occupation, low formalizao and great difficulty of reinsero of the workers above of the 50 years in the market. These factors push the great majority exactly of that they reach conditions of if retiring to opt, that the contrataste, for a reduced benefit. Arajo (2008) says that in virtue of the caused damage the insured, the point to occur reduction in the value of the benefit of up to 30% (thirty percent) for the men and of 35% (thirty and five percent) for the women, the Senator Pablo Renato Paim (PT? RS), protocolled a Project of Law (PLS 296/03) in the Federal Senate with intention to extinguish the cited factor, arguing that: The previdencirio factor is the used index to calculate the value of the retirements and can reduce the benefits in up to 30%, in the case of the men, and 35%, in the case of the women. .

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