Event: A Phoenix Like Out Of Nowhere

  • Posted on February 4, 2015 at 4:37 pm

A virtuosic staging of logo enthusiasts during the kick-off event of the manufacturer of the medical technology employees and customers alike. The stage of the hotels Ritz Carlton in the financial center in Dubai is eclipsed. Suddenly, a figure is to see. But only the veins and heart. It’s like an angiography representing human blood vessels. Many of the about 250 present employees and customers of a renowned medical technology manufacturer won’t believe their eyes that almost unbelievable things play on the stage wrapped in black light.

The three performers twirl vibrant clubs through the air, rods suspended as if by magic on the stage, the boundary between reality and fantasy blurs a red orange pink colored Phoenix to life suddenly awakened. The staging of the new logo in the UV light fascinated all present, persistent. Also the event Manager is excited and very happy. Because he had hired Petra Quednau’s team for the staging of the new logo, the crew according to the Fusion of two divisions from the beginning on the future company to whip up. “And succeeded so much in advance, perfect, because: the symbolization of our new logo, a Phoenix, each of our teams very emotionally addressed, what is due much to the extraordinary choreography by Petra Quednau and the rousing show”, the Manager praised the three actresses.

So that every detail of the show exactly could be coordinated, Petra Quednau, chairwoman of the event company had informed, just project PQ in advance, which the new company covers what messages should be transported would be like the framework conditions during the event. After the customer had agreed to the staging concept drawn up by us, choreographed, the music chosen, as well as the costumes suitable for the presentation of designed and produced”, Petra Quednau reported. Thus it all came from a single source. This was for the client a central reason why he is for the project-PQ offer had decided. Due to the high professionalism of the artists the show despite a limited preparation time managed perfectly”, added the Manager. A core element of the program was the black light, which results in completely new and surprising effects and generates strong emotions in the Viewer. However, the black light places high demands on the artist, who must ensure extremely correct postures and movements, to produce the desired effects. Because of the particularly high requirement, providing such shows to the ensemble work for us”only experienced dancers, reported Petra Quednau. And this competence was also needed at the show, because the artists in addition to the professional stage dance had to master the hardest swinging juggling tricks. After the three dancers had the logo colors costume, dance, and light elements in the show, the Phoenix out of nowhere could appear as final highlight. This raised two actresses a more dancer on her shoulders. When the formation was the top dancer unfolded nearly three meters wide seemingly floating Phoenix-logo. Engaging, motivating, almost already prosaic”present then described the show with the Phoenix presentation. “The business leaders therefore agreed and up: the performance of this logo production motivated our crew for the upcoming challenges.” “And addressed to Petra Quednau: mission accomplished!”

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