Espirito Santo

  • Posted on October 22, 2021 at 11:33 am

The local account with one team that is composed of diverse specialized professionals, as psychologist, educators, pedagogos, social assistant, social mother, beyond responsible people for the organization and cleanness of the proper institution, as to assist of general services, cook, laundrywoman, everything kept with the support of the State of the Espirito Santo and donations of all those that if to consider to help. Consideraes we finaisRessaltamos that the interviews and the explicitados points of view are part of a specific context of an institution, in such a way pertaining to school as of shelter, and that the reality can be considered an exception. It has seen, that what is seen in the country in relation to the present subject is well different. However, with the presented stories we can verify that it is possible to change the negative perspective that if has on the institutionalized children, beyond detecting that the pertaining to school relation with shelter institutions can be harmonious being enough of ' ' good will ' ' of each part, beyond incentive of the public power and the citizen in general. We live in a society in which all look culprits for the problems, a society that excludes and that does not understand true the meaning of? society? (these people define society as ' ' all the people, less eu' ' ' ' taking off the body fora' ' if exempting of the responsibility). A world beyond us, whose actions have influences, either in the past or the gift exists, in which she is necessary to reflect each attitude that we take. To think about the other can be until easy task, the complicated one is to be able to make something for the other, being that this to make does not possess its difficulty in carrying through such task that it was considered, but in giving the first step in wanting to make something for that advantages will not bring it and nor privileges.

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