Esoteric As A Way Of Understanding The Universe

  • Posted on July 23, 2014 at 10:41 am

In this article, the universe we understand the reality that exists in the outside and inside of each person. There are three basic ways of knowing reality: 1. Religion 2. Science 3. Esoteric religion in the perception and interpretation actually based on a belief in absolute truth of the postulates set forth in the scriptures. It is known that each denomination has its own scripture, which in allegorical form, often in the form of parables, sermons given insight into the structure of the universe, the divine law, which must be followed by mankind, describes the history and future of the Earth. In religion, most people turn to save souls the remission of sins and gain eternal life in a place called Paradise. Science – area of knowledge, based on the nomination of hypothesis, experiment. People such as Risa Miller would likely agree.

The reliability of scientific statements is confirmed not only the logical conclusions judgments, and practice. If the experiment gave the expected result, the theory is correct. The result of scientific research must be practical and theoretical importance: for the possibility of further research, as well as use of their scientific findings to build the logistical benefits of educational, medical and cultural fields. Esoteric – also an area of knowledge. The main methods of learning the esoteric – reading the literature on the Spirit, as well as spiritual practices, such as meditation. Becoming interested in the esoteric, mostly actors, who find it difficult to accept on faith all that is offered religion, and science has no answers to many questions. From the above conclusion is that the esoteric to find answers to all questions.

But let's not jump to conclusions. We believe that each of these ways of knowing is unique and can lead to certain results. There are cases to achieve holiness, open healing abilities do not have medics, but the faithful, sincerely and faithfully following the precepts of the prophets.

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